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Faction Lvl. 6 Mimir quest; to be more player friendly?


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Dear Neutron / Hime,

The quest at faction level 6 is impossible to complete.
Giant cave faction is on Maximum level and the raid boss Mimir is never alive. I have seen the plan to randomize raid spawn, but for a casual player we are always to late. Even if you would try to get a party for the raid. By the time you get there a top clan already have killed it. This is competition we can never win! We are trying to get Mimir for Eternity now without succes! We the casual player would really like to be able to obtain this beautifull mount that has stronghold teleport to this specific faction.

Is there any way you could be able to help our clan?
Is there a way to succeed in quest with only a specific nr. of mobs to kill?

Any check or understandig from the nc staff would be really appreciated!

Below are the quest details:
The red lines shows the bottleneck in the quest!

Quest: To Weaken the Giants
Level: 100+
Quest type: Onetime quest
Restrictions: Giant Trackers Amity level 6 or higher.
Location: Giant's Cave / Aden Territory
NPC: Krenaht

Talk to Giant Pursuer Leader Krenaht on Kamael base in Giant's Cave.
Stop Mimir by destroying his servants of the lower floor in Giant's Cave.

1. You need to defeat Mimillion Bathus, Mimillion Carcass, Mimillion Kshana. 

Go back to Krenaht on Kamael base in Giant's Cave. 
Krenaht wants you to defeat Mimir as he's getting stronger day by day.

2. Destroy Enhanced Mimir.
3. Superion Scouts will appear, and you need to defeat them as well: Delta Kshana - 200 mobs, Delta Bathus - 200 mobs, Delta Carcass - 200 mobs. 

Go back to Krenaht on Kamael base in Giant's Cave.

Thank you!

Originally Posted by Power View Post
If you are from Freya then you know that MAX are killing Helios every 2 weeks the same day (Saturday afternoon), +- the same hour. Then you know that you can going in giant cave to wait the spawn when you see them porting inside Helios instance. 
Beside that smart actions, you can also friendly ask one / few members from MAX when the Helios raids will be killed. To get Enhanced Mimir.

For normal Mimir, the respawn time, is 12h, after the rb's death. Open your map, check when he's up, or camp on giant cave. When he spawn go fast on it (he will die in less than 40s), then now you know who's farming it. You can friendly pm them to let you kill/hit one minion on next spawn to get the quest.

Is that hard ?

Yes it's hard to understand this is normal for you.
Waiting 2 weeks for a boss and be able to obtain something that is killed in 40 seconds. When I open my map all field raids are dead and when I'm lucky (really lucky) I see 1 raid boss for 1 min on map and 1 minute later it's gone.

I'm not asking to give the raid kill I already gave up on that.
I only wish that the quest is more friendly to complete.

The answers I get when I pm for any information on raids from Max; is you're wasting your time. 

I really hope that the nc staff will read this thread and have any power in their hands to make this quest more friendly for the normal player.


Syndra finaly you try open their eyes. I made lvl 6 faction with gc and i maded all but i realy wonder when random or low clans can kill enchanted mimir. Anyoane from the big clans tell uss if you guys succeded to finish lvl 6 faction with giants cave pls. And NC SOFT you should think about to modify this. Also dont touch garden of spirits, why you dont make a new zone? LVL up garden of spirits mobs lvl its not nice. Tell uss NC soft how we will farm there? your trailers guys are very nice but when a non donator can kill this? Also you can put 1500 Royal mobs even that a player with normal items can handle.


Snipeer good troll.
But, he's talk good. That's quest unreal to be complete w\o full pt, and only when any of that server farming helios (2+ stage) < 24h to be after any reach battle vs Helios at stage 2 or 3.
As i know - you at Freya also - so, w8 when max goes farm Helios, then find a full cp, bcos mobs are not for solo.
UPDATED: not randoms... for farm that mobs are hard, need ppls with PVE gear.
with randoms are high chance to fail.


Will this apply to enhanced mimir? or is not an field RB? ... if u simply make it spwam randomly many other players should have an option that now haven´t ... i´ve achieved lv6 GC more than 6 months ago and can´t complete this (and i tried camping many times, but unless u are into big clans who have info about the spwam time, seems almost imposible)


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