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  1. I miss those days when healers could m. Crit undead mobs to 0 hp. I spend 24/7 those days in pagan temple and hellbound graveyard. Many full drops. Now the class is getting dust but maybe 1 day we can solo again.
  2. Here I will explain; if you like to finisch 10th tour to get the appearance ticket before event end tomorrow. For this event we had alot of 16th Emperor's Special Cocktails. You need to spend 4 of them to get 1 regular dice. Add them all to auto use supplies list and click activate. Then when 16th emperor cocktail get used go to the buff bar and hold 'ctrl' and richt click all the new buffs away. Your toon will re-use cocktail every 5 minute since this is the cooldown. So you need to remove buff every 5 minutes. It takes 20 minutes to obtain 1 regular
  3. Dear @Hime @Juji @L2Team During this week I was unable to play any of my accounts at all during this queue waiting time. Resulting in 1 week of no attendance checks and daily instances. Queue list is 200 or 300 players long on Naia. I don´t have the time to wait everyday 1 or 2 hours to login cause this is the time I actualy have time to play. Is it possible that login can be limited to 1 account per IP? So those who create 12x lvl 105 characters can continue after corona is gone and everybody is back to work? I like to play lineage 2 and I hope ncwest will c
  4. @Hime Can you atlast explain why those daily coins and reward get removed? We the players are farming months daily coins to be able to buy r99 blessing scrolls and other things from the reward list. The 200% xp boost is also nice to xp characters in 105/110 castilla. Will there be any replacement for those items by not using the l2store? We get our enjoyment from farming things in Lineage 2 but you the l2 staff give us the feeling there is nothing left to do and things get non to nearly impossible to obtain. We once got a promise from Juji adena reward from mobs
  5. Question 1: Will it in the future be possible for those who play on dual class, to be able to optain mentor status? I play 3 main characters, all reaching lvl 105 on dual class... I decided to play on dual class since my main class cannot farm. There is to mutch kill stealing and ultra low damage output from skills. Now I have reached lvl 105 mentor is active on list but cannot be used since my main isn't 105. All 3 toons have alot of time, adena invested and bound items... So no, I will not reroll. Question 2: When will there be any class change for main cla
  6. Yes, I have same problem... the launcher fails to load. CLR20r3 01: NCLauncher2.exe 02: 03: 5d2fd42d 04: protobuf-net 05: 06: 5249344c 07: 2a0 08: f8 09: System.IO.EndOfStreamException 6.1.7601. ID: 1043 1: 0a9e 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 3: 0a9e 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
  7. Hello everyone and l2 staff, @Juji @Hime I like to adress this new situation to prefend normal players from farming adena or xp at a few zones. You can't leave your character afk or on macro. In this example I adress Garden of Genesis but I have seen it in other area's in server Naia. The botting company is placing perma red (karma) summoners on a higher area for example a platform. We (the players) enter the area to do some killing / farm. Then an auto swarm of banshee's will autokill anything that enters the area. We (the players) cannot kill the summoner since
  8. The 3 client limit is a blessing and you guys need to stop cry about it. The server is light now and it makes me happy. No more characters with 1 t/m 30+ in their name farming for quest rewards in many XP spots. The more players cry about the client limit, only tells me it's working great and ncwest did a very good job. If you like to farm adena kill mobs, join clan or create a party but macro 24/7 and creating 1000 toons isn't one of them.
  9. I hope 3 client max is permanent. If they ever like to increase it again they should design a script first so that above 3 clients they wait above 300 queue list. So that those who first login (1/client) will be first. Or give account with age 1 year or older less queue waiting time. Anyway, 3 client max is the best thing this month and I like to say it again ncwest is doing a good job. It was needed long ago and been going on forever. So haters go back to your little cave, I don't support bots.
  10. I am so thankfull the 3 client limit has arived, very good job from ncwest. 1. No more acc1 t/m 30 name characters ingame. 2. Faster XP spots taken less players to pk. 3. No more queue for sure. 4. Less loading in hunting zones cause less characters to load. Ncwest keep up the good work.
  11. The dimensional merchant is on the right of the warehouse entrance in every city ingame. Go to center of giran and type: /target dimen Location should be shown on radar if you select the npc in map function even an arrow appears that shows to way to any npc ingame. http://www.discoverlineage2.com/en/game/the-library/game-systems/dimensional-merchant-npc.php
  12. They actualy do when you enter blasing swamp. Since they introduced ingame bot, and new players L2 experience is as little to nothing. Low range: /targetnext. Now they increase range and use: /targetnext2 in macro. So you enter giant cave or blazing swamp you see archer or feo using macro with /targetnext2. Range is way to big to pickup everything so all drops remain on ground for example letters and weapon / armor frags. It can be fixed but I enjoy it since it last not going to make those lazy ppl any smarter. They play afk so what ''they can't see'' or ''don't k
  13. Amazing, 300+ in queue today but still not a single reply from ncwest. 100 in queue takes around 20 minutes so now 1 hour to login a single toon in Naia. I really wonder if those costumers who can't login are still spending any money. The last 3 days I am playing another game. The money isn't spend here, but who cares. Not going to post a screenshot again, but I vote for 3 clients maximum. Keep up the good work. Dropped from queue 300 to 143 and then got disconnected from server.
  14. Dear @Juji, since we have this queue that's creates a waiting list so long we are unable to play for the whole night. Can you explain the picture below and tell me why 3 clients isn't the max? I mean this is absolutely crazy; good costumers can't play and I see those online 24/7.
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