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Changing the castle siege system


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Good Night (Using google translator)

Every clan dreams of having or owning a castle in the game and we know that Lineage 2 has not been increasing its map and has not been developing much on this topic, fortress for example could receive improvements, however a clan with a castle could not fight for a , and their bonuses could be similar to castles, but on a smaller scale. I am going to narrate here what I think should happen in the siege of the castles.

1 - Every clan that registers to attack several castles when entering the siege area, they didn’t get a target from another clan that is attacking too, they’ll only get a target from the owner of the castle or the clan that registers to defend the castle, if it is a clan friend or ally of this clan who owns the castle. Thus, it would make a siege more interesting, because when the clans register to attack the castles, they will not target another who also registered, they automatically become friends in this fight, and so who summon first wins.

2 - Doing this, the clan that was the owner when losing, automatically starts to attack, so he also when entering the siege area, will not catch the target of others who are also attacking, however the clan that owned the castle, when lose the castle, he can only attack the castle he lost, he cannot try to take another one.

3 - Clans who are friends of castle owners can only register to defend a castle, thus preventing more powerful clans from using their forces to bargain that castle, if he registered to defend Oren's castle, for example, he will not take the clan's target owner of the castle or other clan that registered to defend as well. However, if that clan that defends to defend the castle from a friendly clan, he can only act in that space there, only in that castle.

4 - Clan that does not register nor to attack or to defend a castle when entering the siege zone, it will not catch target nor of who is attacking and who is defending and who is defending or attacking it will not get target of clan that did not register .


I know that a castle depends a lot on the player's skill, but I believe that in the current situation today the owners of the castles are the ones who have the most money to spend on COIN and so they can equip themselves, of course this will not discourage anyone from continuing to invest in the game, on the contrary, it will increase the fun much more, after all, what fun is it to go on a siege and get a clan target that also attacks? Or who is defending to get target from who is defending, or clans that are extremely equipped, fight for that clan but asking in return for everything the castle produces. This would also make the game more exciting, imagine, several clans attacking several castles, they are not killed or fight against other clans who are also attacking and it is in that emotion that whoever wins first wins, and then the game is reversed, because he will have to defending yourself against other clans and the former owner together knowing that they do not destroy themselves before arriving at the castle, would greatly avoid what happened in the past siege, where a powerful clan went from castle to castle and killing and disturbing other clans just for fun .

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This will not work as it has been talked over in the past. 

Attackers not being able to attack Attackers will result in bunch of Alt Clans just running for the scribe cast and winning Castles with 1 man Clans because Real Clans who fight to defeat Castle Defender is busy.

Also Clans who sign as Defenders are stuck as Defenders even if someone else takes the Castle I "think". That is why nobody ever signs up to help someone else defend a Castle.

The Only thing that would be a Good change is Clans of the same Alliance can not Next target or Attack Allied Clans. That would at least improve Alliance System.

Cause at the Moment on Sieges, there is almost next to no point even building an Alliance except for talking to each other on Chat. Friendly fire is a killer on Siege field and also creates a lot of trouble within Allied Clans.

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