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  1. Ncsoft should generally boost gained xp in 99-110 areas and maybe renew an area for 107+ Party hunting as most of us would really love to party up with Clannies but Xp on current locations is only for solo play I am 90% away from 110 and i am still in Exalted Gear Pvp? against other F2p Exalted players sure but as soon as someone digged in deep i will be a 1shot Soloing being 109? no chance. i will at least need Buffer/healer or Tank in pt to stay alive with my Feoh cause i cant take the dmg from Mobs in my Quest gear. I am already doing literally most things possible to gain Adena from Ingame stuff. But making about 3-4bil every month gets me really slowly towards having a simple R110 Weapon soonish Step by Step. Playing as a "i pay for xp boost on xp events only" Player is a Marathon not a Sprint.
  2. Thats some Oldschool Monster Race Track Arena Tactic. it existed long time ago and never got fixed.
  3. Tbh the Problem with the Adena/Item prices. Since Adena is so low. Prices of all Items getting sold by players should drasticly decrease but because people will still consider buying items for so much adena, prices will never drop. Thats how The people having the items have trillions of Adena laying around whilst the average player struggles to even pay for shots/spirit ore. The moment People stop selling L2store Items to Trillion Adena People who will make superior items in order to resell it for 100s of Billions to other People who do this L2store Coin to Adena transaction. This would stop Superior Items to be made and Prices of things will go down. Say No to Ridiculious Prices! Edit::Back in the Day people used to pay 100-200mil for a Weapon that dropped of someones Antharas run. Nowadays for a Weapon people are forced to pay 3-5BIL . with the Slightly difference Anthy today takes 20-30mins tops whilst back in the Day you needed 100+ people that smack Anthy for almost 2hours ...
  4. I got your point but sadly people holding all the items are not gonna suddenly drop the Prices on their Items because the Server gains less Adena. We been having decreased Adena for long now and Item Prices are still 100-250BIL+++++ Assumed Adena Count required to be able to pvp is still above 3TRILLION ADENA Going by what everyone wants to buy their Ncoin for which is 2kk each, So 3.2Tril Adena will cost you 20.000 RL Donuts
  5. InnerSphere calling out old friends

    I see someone is whining about something i may said o_O? if you wanna run a cp thats up to you but dont expect others to do the same.
  6. I am with you on this. Exploit is Exploit and should be Punished with a Perma Ban! No excuses!!!
  7. REQUIRED: rework on castle sieges

    Few months later. Majority of Clan is 109/110 now and still getting 1shot. So sad what this Game has become
  8. You mentioned everyone getting more Debuff resistence. Okay so lets add this little number to your Feoh hatred. 1.Feoh, you only talking about Stormscreamers and Mystic Muse, they are the only 2 Feoh classes who can "stun" and they can only stun when they land a debuff on the target before launching Burst to stun (According to your earlier text, DEBUFFS do NOT land) 2.Feoh, 2skills Magical Warp and Magical evasion, those skills only work when on flat terrain or when there is plenty of place to jump into, But in order for those skills remove your target they must be right next to you. So Feoh uses those skills more for escaping and not trying to remove your target. Idk what Class you play but i am 109 Feoh in Exalted Gear if i dont permanently jump jump away I am a Dead 1shot to most classes. 3.Feoh, again Hold is a debuff and as you said people stack up debuff resistances(you know funny feohs cause nobody would actually use Hold). Also 1.100 Range is a joke. Feoh range is 800. if i setup to auto xp with stand, with long range next target i pick target 900 range away. i will not get xp cause my char does not run the extra 100 range to start using spells. 4.Feoh, Fear never lands on players unless they are like 3lvls below your own. and again DEBUFF resistance!!! 5.Feoh. Immune to dmg: that skill says it lasts 10 seconds but usually it does not start working until timer says 7-8seconds left and the cooldown is like 5-7mins long. 6.Feoh Levitate aka Hell binding: works great on Mobs but on Players again only if they are 3lvls below your own and again debuff resistance!. 7.Feoh Mana Barrier and the Body to mind skill: Believe it or not but i had Iss`s kill my Mana and delete Mana Barrier quicker than you could say jippiyajo Piggybag. Point is yeah sure Mana Barrier helps Feohs a lot but have you ever played a Feoh without Mana Barrier in pvp? I get 1shot. so Mana Barrier makes it a 2shot woohoo.. Those Feohs you complain about can probly kill you without using Mana Barrier cause they have GEAR. About your Tank list. I can just tell you from experience I fought alot of Tanks and once they enchanted their Chain strike and Silence skill. it was Game over for me being a Feoh. everytime i warped away the tank INSTANDLY chained me back in and Silenced me.
  9. just saying i am not against this idea but guess what. 95%(not counting alts) of the Server will become Archers/Evis if you allow this to happen.
  10. Button Z starts and stops auto hunting A87. Also looking into your Button Setup options ingame could help you figure out what Button is for which Action Little Advice from me. If you join a Good and Friendly Clan. Your Clan members should/could maybe help answer you most questions. Some of us have been around for Years and i guess know a bit more about Game Mechanics than 70% of the Current Playerbase.
  11. Another Game Company did this for their Gaming Community. Some prefer to invest a lot to boost their Gaming Experience and some just wanna spend less but play more. So to keep both categories of Players from the L2 Community. You could open 1-2 Pay to Play monthly Model with only Cosmetic Items in L2 store but !! NO !! Vitality items or gear boosting items or Pay to Participate in Events. So instead of losing more Players from the L2Community you could give in and open 1-2 Servers to keep those Players and still gain Profit from Monthly Pay to play and Cosmetic items. @Juji @Hime
  12. Changing the castle siege system

    This will not work as it has been talked over in the past. Attackers not being able to attack Attackers will result in bunch of Alt Clans just running for the scribe cast and winning Castles with 1 man Clans because Real Clans who fight to defeat Castle Defender is busy. Also Clans who sign as Defenders are stuck as Defenders even if someone else takes the Castle I "think". That is why nobody ever signs up to help someone else defend a Castle. The Only thing that would be a Good change is Clans of the same Alliance can not Next target or Attack Allied Clans. That would at least improve Alliance System. Cause at the Moment on Sieges, there is almost next to no point even building an Alliance except for talking to each other on Chat. Friendly fire is a killer on Siege field and also creates a lot of trouble within Allied Clans.
  13. Olympiad frequency

    U know back in the Day Olympiad was 7 days a Week right? So they already changed it to Friday/Saturday only.
  14. @Juji There seems to be an Issue with Primeval Isle Monsters, They get super big defense/attack boost from time to time.
  15. I hope they fix Mage Lag first