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  1. in that Order. Mcrit Dmg - M.Skill power - Matk thats what you should focus on as Feoh. as mentioned before you could stack up on M.atk and M.Skill power but you can stack them as much as you want its gona be pointless if you dont have the M.crit dmg. in this Game If you dont Crit and Crit hard. you waste time, resources and you may die cause you cant VR enough hp back. Thats why Go buy M.crit dmg items first. Rings. Weapon Sa`s should be your 1st items if you havent taken care of those yet.
  2. Summoners can Cast dmg dot Marks on afk people and take their hp to 1 hp so mob kills afk player without summoner going red. how about that needs a fix too. Summoner shouldnt be able to put Marks on none flagged players
  3. Damn yall still going at it with the "Little nerf" yuls received. Yul still has better crit rate over Feohs so stop complaining yall OP Archers.
  4. 28/30 days of Prestige Cube opening ive received R Gems. 2 days i got EAR Adena boost was nice, didnt feel any improvement upon Droprate as without prestige i also get 0-3scrolls in PI wether or not i have prestige
  5. whats he gona buy with 38kk adena ? Most items already got bought and resold by whales who invest 1tril adena in order to make 1.5tril. Servers simply dont regenerate enough Adena to people who actually want to/can buy stuff. Theres tons of 100bil+ items on the Servers but nobody except a few people can effort such Items. I also think majority of People dont really give a damn about top Items when it means they would have to sell Coins to make Adena to get those items. In the end you sell coins to Dude123 to get adena in order to buy itemxyz from Dude123. so your doubl
  6. Sorry?? Feoh superior to Yul? Some Feoh items cost double the Price of what Yuls have to pay for theirs ... not to mention but it is always forgotten .. Feoh Mage Crit rate still capped at 33.4% since beginning of time whilst Yul even with the aoe skill critrate nerf still rocks a solid 50% Also consider Feoh single target skills have 190-210ish power whilst AoE skills have 700-800Power which leaves the Feohs to use AoE skills only. Superior up yours
  7. I didnt say it shouldnt be adressed. i am just saying a Tyrr on Rabbit catches a Feoh/Archer whos double jumping quicker than you would think. same goes for Tanks cause they can literally spam chain pull atks. same goes for Othels who can dash and keep jumping behind the target. Doing the Double jumping requires a quick responds by the player him/herself. you wont be able to pull it off properly on the first dozen trys. I am not here to teach you what the Weakness of the Double jump is. You will have to find that out by yourself. I dont get paid to teach people how to pwn. All
  8. Castilia,IT,PI,SI,Olympiad, thats about everything i do Extras: on a sidenote, even with Prestige i get around 0-3scrolls in Primeval Isle
  9. The only thing that gave this Game Activity was PVP back in the Day but since everyone is oneshotting each other nowadays it is totally Pointless! It became Monster Hunter 2.0 Afk Simulator. Reaching the Top and becoming Highest lvl or 1 of its kind doesnt mean anything nowadays except for the Fact that you gave Ncsoft Plenty of Love Via MasterCard.
  10. active doesnt equal being 110+ Sly ... some people dont pay for xp boosting Items ... Some also just started playing and are Active! Your statement was There is only about 4 Sayha Seers in existance in all of L2. So you are the Liar calling me a Liar.
  11. Not to offend you but i think your counting is not quiet accurate My Ally alone has like 10 Sayha Seers
  12. I got the Book from C3 but Thanks. please stop posting none relevent stuff in other people postings. also if you run around in r99 that may be your fashion thing. I prefer have more Attribute element def with R110 gear.
  13. Your in Wretchedoutkasts. and yes you were xping in Silent Valley and died to mobs. well if that Slycutter i saw there isnt you i guess next time i can pk you since its not you right?
  14. Obviously since you are so bad at Math i will do the math for you. Archers full item boostest Aoe skills 50% all other skills 100%. Mage full item boostest STILL 33.4%. and useless Single target skills with no power Artifact Mcrit rate, Jewels crit rate, buffs crit rate USELESS for Feoh cause at 500 mcrit rate it stops and thats 33.4% Most of you Archers dont even bother to use BullsEye cause you so OP its waste of using another dmg skill instead so why would you want decrease mdef/pdef by 30% if you aint gona use it? If you want Mana Barrier, i will gladly take Archer
  15. @Juji if you remove their nerf. Take off the Feoh Mage Crit rate cap aswell so we Feohs can go 100% aswell and boost our Single target skills so them skills are actually useful. Also give Feohs a Lethal Skill like Pinpoint. just to Balance it out you know <3
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