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Chant of fury / chant of vampire


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I have a question regarding these amulets: where do they drop? 

Lineage.pmun states that amulet chant of vampire drops in Timak Orc Outpost by Timak Orc Shamanhttps://lineage.pmfun.com/item/6397/amulet-chant-of-vampire.html

On the contrary

L2wiki states that amulet chant of vampire is dropped in Sea of Spores by Rotten Tree:


Same for chant of fury amulet:

Lineage.pmfun states that amulet chant of fury is dropped in Timak Orc  Outpost by Timak Orc Overlord


On the contrary

L2wiki states that amulet chant of fury is dropped in Forrest of Mirrors by Harit Lizardman Matriarch and Enchanted Valley by Valley Treant Elder


Which one is correct? I have been hardcore farming both Forrest of Mirrors and Sea of Spores for 1.5 weeks now and no drops.




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