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Formal wear appearance


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I was in past using formal wear appearance on more of my armors. Because i just prefer something looking like regular robe more then halfnaked clothes. And as mage/feoh was for me just clear chose that i realy want this. (Ok, mby in black color would be even nicer... but as healer i should probably keep white anyway)

When there were in game events where was possible get appearance stones, include formal wear, i bought others. Because was just so easy to get formal wear appearance.. Modify scrol, formal wear appearance for lets say 40kk.. and done! And it was looking like waste of event items to go for formal wear appearance stone.

How big was my disapointment when i finaly got own bloody robe and wanted put my favorite appearance. But i realised, its not working. I cant use modify scroll and formal wear item. I cant use modify scroll and extract formal wear appearance from other armor.

And answer from support is, that formal wear is heavy armor and its why i cant use it.

Did you saw anybody on wedding with heavy armor? 

I even dont know when they removed this option to put formal wear appearation on robe? Or is it some bug? Why is not working, it was in past. 

And also point more. I have nice hair style, to get it i payed real money. And with formal wear i can still keep hair which i like. But with some other appearances is hair style changed. 

I feel now like i payed for nothing. I spended real money to game to get faster own armor and put there appearance which i had in past and for which i in my opinion got all needed items, i spended for hair style.. and seems like for nothing.


I am sorry for this emo cry. But i am woman. And i just like nice stuffs. 



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Formal Wear used to work on all Armor types... same as the Santa Suit(which still works for all Armor types). The Formal Wear item no longer works for any Armor type, As the Formal Wear quest chain has been removed(f2p), and the Appearance stone has shown up in prize tables(p2w), support might help you had you paid for Bride/Groom pack in the past(they could exchange the Formal Wear item for an Appearance stone)

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