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Semi Timeline of All FIX THE SERVER POST


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Original post in March of this year where everyone  said fix the server . Thread was called Server Fix !


Then they cover up the 12 pages and created a new thread called Quality of Life Changes & Events for Lineage II Classic, which btw is additional 12 pages long.


I am pretty sure there are more post but these are the main ones in my opinion. 

Everything that needed or needs to changed can be viewed in these post. If you can't find a hunting spot or you got time to burn read up :)

Be advised , you might get sick to your stomach thinking how much money you spent since you started playing classic till now and it's still broken. 


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Bunch of ya'll clearly didnt play Lineage 2 back in its day. Theyve catered to you whiney soft players to the point its a breeze. It used to take weeks to get the higher levels and every death was painful. We welcomed the bots to take the strain off the grind.


Stop comparing it to modern games, that was never the heart of Lineage 2. Play live if you dont like the grind in classic but theyve already changed it plenty just to cater to players who couldnt handle a true grind of an mmo at its peak. 



Soft bud.


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