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Would like to add more friends


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Hello everyone reading this. I'm new to the game and would like to add more friends. I use discord a lot, so if there's a discord server I could join I'll join it. I don't use game chat that much for communication, mostly I use discord voice chat. I'm already in a clan that I'm happy with. I just wanna have more friends to banter with while grinding life away.

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Hello welcome!

I believe there are many distinct groups that use discord. Organized by Clan, CP or merely for chatting.
If any other player wants to add me as a friend on discord feel free!  Casemonstro#5023

i`m playng in Giran Server!

"Nostalgia makes everything better"

Lineage1 was top interaction between players and even L2 in its early days it was very good.

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