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Remove old runes from weapons


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Once again l2 playing unfair for the players. They told us we have a limit time to change our old runes for the new runes and now some ppl just left the old rune stock in the weapon and it is giving some benefit for them. 
So here if you play fairly and do the right things, server is gonna benefit who is acting in their benefits and no in the fair play. 
my request is change everybody’s rune to the new aden system. Make this game fair... 

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If you are smart enought, you will never remove ur rune from ur weapon and wait NCSOFT to do it.
Also i would like to remind you that the new runes are way too OP than the old runes so i cannot see the reason you're crying here, dont you like a better rune?

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If they did not removed the old Sould Crystals Effects in Live Server, why do you think they will in Classic?

I still have an Homunkulus' Sword with Conversion in Chronos.

It's your problem if you removed your Othel Rune and changed for the new type...

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