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  1. Hello, i would like to sugget you to merge the servers all in 1, on giran server there is no any competition same on Talking Island gludio and aden, we would like to have some pvps and some more trades activity etc. what do you think @Juji @Hime ?
  2. all i can see is full drama, lineage2 comunity nowdays is kinda brainless. if NCSOFT makes event people cry if they dont make people cry. all i can see on this forum is full of drama and you guys should stop it or just quit. Same bullshits happen on prrivate servers, same on official people just cry over and over again. im a casual player work everyday 10-12 hours and still can have a hood 3-6 hours of play, atm im lvl 65 soon 66 playing everyday 3'6 hours... my low lvl farm char is a titan with full plate set and c shop weapon never RMT and never bought ssc or ssd from l2 store, the only things i bought was 50% rune and exp scrolls to keep same as people who play 10h + daily. Stop cry guys! Good job ncsoft for the event!
  3. Destroyer Armor/Dyes

    Hello there, atm im destro lvl 40 2h pagrian sword and i would like to know witch set is batter. I got an Plated Lather set +3 but im not sure if is it good or full plate would be batter. Also if i wear PL set +3 Should i use +4 Str -5 con or not? i must say i got an WC lvl 64 as buffer. thanks in advice.