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Hell knight - Spirit Of Revenge


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Hello i would have a suggestion about hell knight's trigger skill Spirit Of Revenge which is part of his passive skill Grand Thorn Of Vengeance.

As we know, every tank when turn on Raise shield or Focus shield will also apply 5 sec trigger for whole party,triggers known like Phoenix Spirit,  Eva's Presence and Shillien's Presence, which are adding some defense or bonus attack, depends on tank type... but only Hell knight is turning this skill just for himself, if hell knight would be somehow very OP i would understand this ad balancing nerf, but i dont think je is so OP, exactly opppsite i think he is weakest tank, so i dont understand why he is not applying this trigger for whole party as the others tank do, but only for himself, if this could be a way how my suggestion could travel to development team, i would be glad for it , because hell knight would be more usefull for whole party after that and he would have same options as others tanks, if somebody has another opinion about it,please share it, but i think this trigger skill should be same on all tanks. Thank you for reading and i hope that development team could discuss it :)

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i dont know, i wasnt playing for some time, but it seems nobody care, i even tried contact developers, but nothing, still it seems unfair to me, why that tank should be nerfed in this...

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