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Eva's talisman


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Hi all, I'm new here. With this evens with "Seed of revenge" we can trade 25 seed + 1 mil adena on "Eva's talisman box".
So, I'm farmed 1 week and buy 60 boxes. From they I could not enchant 1 talisman on +4, All brakes from +3 to +4, It's normal? I have had 14 +3 eva's talismans. Where I can see enchanting changes?

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1 hour ago, CiBlocker said:

I know what give eva's talisman, But rates is too low, how much boxes u spend on this +6?

yeah the rates are horrible

hmm I think around 90~110. I forgot it was a while back

I normally will enchant them all to +4 then what I have left I plus each of them to +5 then what's left over to +6 etc. that's how I do it with these talismans.

got a +6 Speed, +6 eva on my main.

as for Aden I got +7 on 2 toons. and another has a +6.


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