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Evis bild


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Hi just like to know if am on the right path.  

My evis is lvl 110 .  Dual is 107 

R110 bloody fist +12  15%dmg aug . 3 sa 

+10 exalted armor 

15%giants aug buff on second wep 

Radiant +5 

Rind shirt 

Crit rings 

Lvl 3 full arti book 

+4 attri  . +4 fighter p.crit dmg . +4 balanse p.crit 

Elmore +7

Red cat 3

Scorpio +7

Maby more items i forgott 

. And now hard to gaine more dmg .. 

My bild is only p.critt 

Anyone got som info to make me better?  :)

i know i can gett better jewlery and talis butt is there any hidden stuff how to bild evis hehe or just gett more lvl . I think my dmg is low 



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1 hour ago, Mete said:

there is no big secret, just boost pattack and pattack crit. ... from what you have you need incremental upgrades. Jewels would be first (greater ruby, greater rce etc), elmore (+10 -+15), pve belt Forgotten power skills? etc

Yes forgot to say got clan belt lvl 2   . Forgotten all skils lvl 6 .   So yes jewels i know i need upgrade on . :)

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  • 8 months later...

- Greater jewels Ruby, Red Cat, Emerald, Aquamarine (SM cd), Opal.

- Greater agathions Leo, Scorpio

- Good boss jewels

- Weapon +21 ++++ (no dragon weapon stage 1 for evis playing pve please!) 

- Gear +10

- Kains 11 x 2 

- Shillen 8 or 9 or 10 :)

- Cloak +15 with good augmentation

- Spell books like physical one +30

- Skills +20

To build a strong evis is like other classes, you need to invest a nice money amount. Try to increase your attack attributes.

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