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  1. testing break on a naked toon is failtesting. Test on an npc, or a geared toon. Naked toons don't have much pdef for break to ignore
  2. Well ... I 'm getting constant DCs on Naia. That's New. Also, the login server has been up/down intermittently since maintenance
  3. Mete

    Evi / GK help

    with the game as it is right now, if your main isn't yul your dual should be.
  4. umm when you create a dual class you get a paulina set (armor / weapon) specific for your dual class. Not that it's anything amazing, but it will give you a few hours of exp before you reach 100 and have to look for a better weapon
  5. all dual classes benefit your main the exact same way, there is no better or worse dual class it just makes sense to pick a dual class that can share the most equipment your main uses. Daggers are a good option for that, as are titans, grand kebabs. Pick whatever you enjoy playing most
  6. they don't have to match, but keep in mind you will get the code for the run at the end of the beta, not when you sign up
  7. the code doesn't claim a rune the code gives you access to the beta. Once the beta is finished, you will get another code to claim the rune. That's what @Sunshinesaid here
  8. I can tell you it works fine with gmail I can also tell you it accepts outlook addresses, but the confirmation email never gets delivered (on whose end the problem is I don't know) but generally if it says your account is unuseable, then that means they don't accept that particular email domain.
  9. the link works fine. If you get an error page it means you live in a country that is not on the beta list
  10. Since they are too lazy to do this themselves ... go to https://us.ncsoft.com/en-us/cross-promos/l2mbeta/lineage2?src=l2hero&_gl=1*w6ucbi*_ga*mtgxmdgxntczmy4xnjmzntmwnzgy*_ga_tpnwxpf7y3*mtyzmzuzmdc4ms4xljeumtyzmzuzmdgwnc4w log in with your exisiting l2 account claim the beta code go to https://lineage2m.plaync.com/naeu/event/betaplayer/index create new account (can use same email as existing l2 account after you verify email, set a password etc, login you get to the main page, click the menu at the top left and select Lineage2M
  11. you have to create a new account, the after you have and logged yourself in (you can use the same email as your l2 account) scoll down to near the bottom of the page, click on lineage 2 and past in the code
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