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  1. Compare your old SAs with the SAs of your DW. and if your old weapon was bloody/limited, you 're losing 15% pve damage
  2. heavy punch doesn't work on mobs that have lethal resist, and it's not just toi. That's why most evis after 105 switch to the 105 buff that changes heavy punch to 5x damage
  3. Dk doesn't have light mastery, so you are loosing a lot of pdef/hp and resistances if you go light. Some people go light because of the set bonuses, personally I think it doesn't makes a huge difference
  4. Heavy Armor - P Skill crit damage build. As to dyes, I would start with STR then move on to legendaries (+5STR +5DEX pskill power/crit damage/pattack) AP is the same as any pcrit damage char. Craft Focus/DW/ Battle/Fire/Skill reduction
  5. yeah don't do that it's tyrr/tank hybrid that does damage. So max out your damage. Take pskill crit rate/dmage AP and items, and find the highest enchanted sword you can find. Dragon weapon works. You want high pattack cause skill power on DK is a factor of pattack. From there you can easily solo all the way to endgame. And I am not joking, with items obviously, a 114 DK can solo fafu. Nobody else, not even the highest of stacked archers can do that at 114. Only downside, your aoes flag you . Upside of that is if geared you gainpvps as you level afk.
  6. You 'll see a huge difference in Toi and Fafu, extra 499 element makes a huge difference. Personally I do with a stage 2. But like I said, my setup is adjusted to the weapon. And with regards to the event, I knew stage 1 was useless to me so I adjusted how I approached the event aiming at a stage 2 and +10 armor. With selling/trades I got both, and a couple of trillion profit having invested about 100 euro. I call it a win.
  7. For most classes Limited Krishna +18 and above is superior to dragon stage one. Exception being eviscerators and death knights. Where dragon weapons count is when they break the element cap. Stage 2 and above Also most dragon weapons require subtle changes in your character's setup to counter the missing SAs from Krishna
  8. So much whining. It's a free event, if you don't like it, don't participate. Beyond that, if thousands of people do venirs to get 80 event items/day, OBVIOUSLY there's gonna be a lot of competition. Ultimately, it's just a free lottery you get free raffles for.
  9. I have been aware of it for close to a yeah and half.
  10. He is basically telling you it only works on auto-attacks. Not skills. So any mage will not benefit from it for example, cause they don't have autoattacks.
  11. 1AM Cet was the end of the event, it never opened. It said "preparing" until the new items for day 2 populated.
  12. I am not aware of any limit, but don't imagine they drop like candy. I got like 6 of them doing PI (aside from quest ones)
  13. I did 2 4800 packs (you need the giants scrolls). I go up to +15 with ~102 luck, past +15 I go church for 112 luck total (obviously with red enchant homu up) 50 slayers, get as many as go to +15 then hit them with giants. Sell the +16s/claws anything over that hit with giants again. I 've made a +10 set for myself and sold another for 1.2 tril. A few (more than 10) claws, 1 stage 2 for myself, a few level 5 jewels that sold through AH, and 2 stage 1s for sale. With the profits from the +16s/claws I buy scrolls and go again. 1 claw sold at 90 billion ("cheap") I can buy ~ 1200 enchan
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