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New Player 2021


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Hi! This question is for more experienced players, I understand that to play l2 we are required to spend $$$.

Taking into account how difficult it can be to start from 0 in this game, I plan to go for a healer (I don't know which of the 3) that requires little initial investment considering reaching a lvl 106/107 or going for a tank (dark elf or elf) that is already requires a little more initial investment. Since with these in my view it would be the way to start and get a party more frequently. The questions would be:

Is it feasible to be a main tank or healer without having your own dd?

Is it easy to find a CP to be calm leveling up?

I understand that the prestige package if or if I will have to pay for it and it is not a problem but I would pay it from level 108/109 I have the possibility to be in the game (afk) 24/7.

I would appreciate any information or advice from people who are only tank or healer.


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here's the problem. Nobody wants to help a support exp, everybody wants a 110 support to join their cp.

here's the second problem, precisely because this game is insanely expensive to play, the number of new players is small. You will see plenty of mentees around, for sure, but very few actual players to help you exp 105 to 110, which is  the first real "hurdle"in the game. Cause 1-105 is easy.

Additional problems. Party exp is really inefficient. It's way more efficient for a dd to exp solo, at 105, than to join a party and help supports out. Also, aside from NZ, there are no real party exp zones untill Ketra/Varka, everything open field/special zones is geared towards people soloing.

Final problem, dailies. Few people will invite you for dailies until you get to around 112, especially if you are tank. A tank in paper armor, is not really useful. Dailies are the bulk of your exp.


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If you want to play a healer or tank, I would recommend you playing a dualclass DD.


Feoh & healer share same gear, while you'll be doing your lvl progress, you can gear yourself overtime while joining a CP to do activities.

Tank & Tyrr share same gear. While you gear over time to become more tanky, the more you become tanky on your dual.

My CP tank is Tyrr on his dual, with the Adena he makes over time, he bought items matching main & dual.

My CP healer is Feoh on his dual, buying gear for healer improves his damage overtime also.

CP is the key to improve quickly without spending too much. You'll grow all together.

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