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New Dye Bug


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On 10/24/2021 at 4:03 AM, Kurisu said:

Hi, i enchant potencial only in 1 dye and get in 2nd dye stage 1 but stage 0 on 3rd dye. Others players get both on stage 1 in dye 2 & 3, its normal? or im the only bug or both are bug?

Dye 1 


Dye 2


Dye 3


Okay, I only read the patch notes once, I will read 10 more times, and I recommend you to read it at least 10 times, it's not very will documented, but it should be all there. If there is something missing, we should open a ticket.


Well.. It says "Activated when having a Dye lvl 1 or higher".

I have equiped a Lv. 0 dye. That's probably the problem.

On the patch notes it says: "From Stage 3, the following stat bonus options are added according to the dye types."


Let's have fun readig it xD


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Okay, if you hover the mouse on the list you can understand better (it's not said on the patch notes, only on the interface):

(it means, the dye should be Lv. 1 or higher, to apply those things, which also means, you need dye powder to enchant it. I tried to compaund 2 dyes, but they're RED, I don't know if I have to buy 10 to try or something. I just don't know hot to get it lvl 1 or higher).

I hope it helps. Still don't know what you meant.


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Dont worry, english isnt my nativ language so maybe im misspelling.

Check your other potentials, if they are on stage 0. I have the others ( on stage 1 without  a single enchant. Maybe its just a visual bug until i put a dye there.

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