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L2 Aden advertised to be good for Solo's?!


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When I first saw That a new iteration of Lineage 2 was out (L2 Aden) I got excited to see that it was claiming to be very solo compatible.  I don't have the time it takes to raid (work etc) so I jumped into the game.  It didn't take long for me to be massively disappointed.  Yes, there is an auto-farming option that would make it easy for a solo.  Yes, they skipped a lot of the class transfer questing etc.  But in the grand scheme of things, what is the point of even getting to lvl 76 (or higher) as a solo when the solo game stops there.  In order to get your first skills, you need books... some you can get with magical tablets (which is nice) but the rest you need to raid and kill bosses OR be in a high enough clan to get Hardin's books to gamble a crat attempt.  How can a solo compete?   There was no consideration for solo's on books etc.  I have seen mentioned that Kaiya's (sp?) minions in the Forgotten Primeval Garden can drop ( at a very low rate) spell books.... I have spent months there as long as I have time (even purchasing more time) and I haven't gotten any books.... I've asked around and no one else seems to claim getting a book there solo.  I have a complaint as far as that goes, but I also have a suggestion.  I remember small 5 man Pick-up-group (PUG) style instances from other iterations of L2 and I feel that this would be a great idea to help the solo's get together and get some equipment/books (obviously on a lower level than the higher dungeons/bosses).  Make the instance complicated enough that boxing isn't really an option (i.e. adds, boss fears, target canceling, etc).  Also make them in 10 level brackets  (one for people 60-69, 70-79, 80-89, 90-99 etc). Lower Instances having C grade, then higher B, then A etc. Just a thought for the solo's.

I also noticed that at 76 a big deal was thrown onto pets and acquiring a pet.  In reality, Atingo is camped by very high level farmers who sell the access to a pet to tame.  I was lvl 80 before I was able to sneak an Atingo out from the farmers and actually get a pet vs. the lame sin eater ( sin eater should be removed... what a dumb idea).  The pet quest needs a severe overhaul to make it more personal (like trancendace dungeons).  Even if you get a pet, then another problem arises... how can a solo Evolve or get skills for their pet?!  I know it says that Tag boxes "can" drop all kinds of stuff, but I have farmed tens of thousands of those boxes (between all of my characters)  and the best I have ever gotten was pet XP scrolls and pet XP crystals.  I asked around on this issue too and I have yet to find someone who has gotten any pet spellbooks or Evolution items from Tag boxes....  Again, I have complained but I will add a suggestion here too;  Perhaps for solo's a pet- focused event could be helpful.  As I mentioned above, small, 5-man PUG style dungeon bosses could also offer to drop this type of item.  

To wrap it all up, 

L2 Aden made a lot of promises about the solo friendly design (which prompted me to join), yet, as I have mentioned above, it is clear that it is not accounting for the solo's when it comes to book's and pet skills/evo.  

A more solo-friendly game was advertised, please address these discrepancies.

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Well Thanks for Posting on Live Forums... it may save returning players from wasting too much time or $$.  There is quite a small chance of NC Staff noticing or replying to your post when you use the right Forum(maybe less than in-game drop rate). "Future Updates" sub-forum is completely player driven(Translating other regions etc)If any NC Staff ever even sees this forum... They can not confirm or deny other regions content's existence, and even if we do get the content eventually... they might find out a week or two before the update(and if we're lucky we might read patchnotes before the servers finish updating)

The Aden Forums are new(https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/57-aden/) so there are limited sub-forums... but you might get some attention there.

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