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  1. If the Hourglass still exists after you get the Homunculus ,then you did not generated it with Cradle of Time... "every single hourglass at wh" you still have hourglasses from Clan Missions? (the Hourglasses from February's update should have been deleted) maybe you need to open spaces for more Homunculi.(on the Management page click on the locked space to open it for an extra Homunculus for 90 million Adena and 84 Gem-R)
  2. The standard Challenger Weapon is for noob toons which haven't completed any Exalted Quests, it is a slight upgrade from Paulina's Apocalypse. The standard Challenger Weapon is like Paulina's Specter Weapon(same Stats as Blessed Specter with Paulina's SAs) and Enhanced Challenger is same stats as standard Exalted Weapon with comparable SA (without PVE) so it will only be useful until you earn the Exalted Weapon.
  3. This isn't cross-server Auction House... you need to go to the Dimensional Server, let's say Fantasy Isle on the Dimensional Server becomes an Isolated location just for trading... the Auction House in this Dimensional Marketplace is only accessible when you visit, we would probably need to make (NPC) Dimensional mail to forward payments/return items(or payment/items would be stuck on Dimensional Marketplace until you returned)
  4. Under the Birth section of the Homunculus interface there are 2 different ways to generate a new one... Cradle of Life(needs HP/VP/SP injected + time) and Cradle of Time(needs Hourglass + Adena) the upper right button will switch birth methods. The Brilliant Hourglass should generate an Advanced(mid grade) or a Luminous(top grade), if you used your Brilliant Hourglass and only got a General(low grade) I recommend contacting support... give them as much information as you can, and if possible screen caps or video demonstrating the problem.
  5. I saw someone selling a clean weapon(+0/ no ele/ just "Exalted SA")... the other option requires too much trust, Buyer trades his ++Weapon for equal collateral, you apply Soul Crystal and complete the sale.(trade everything back ;P)
  6. When they finally give-up trying to get Server Transfers working... maybe we will get Dimensional Marketplace! Cross-Server shopping location with Auction House.
  7. It's L2Store exclusive... if it was available in-game at all, even if it was just end-game 1% players only, then they would have made it restricted to Exalted Weapons.
  8. Make sure you DO NOT have it equipped when you speak to him(many older NPC upgrade/exchange screens won't see equipped items)
  9. 1 fragment box per account... and an NPC compound option for fragment(+stage1) like core has for stage1(to use up excess fragments trying for easy upgrades)
  10. We will be quite lucky, if we get details 24hr before the Update... Last Year's Anniversary events were designed to have Red Libra at the same time, Red Libra was not ready... so we got it after Anniversary events were over.
  11. VISArater/MaestroCard/ArcanaExpress, none of these are Tanks... with enough $$$ who needs one anyways? O.P. It depends on party... but lately it is likely Eva's for mostly Mage party or ST for mele/Archer party play (outside of CPs there's less Pala/DA combined than either Eva or ST)
  12. Somehow: Live Players got all castles on Chronos except Aden... YET on Naia, with less players and less gear all castles... EVEN ADEN!(conspiracy etc..) IF, Clan Skills were disabled for PVP/PVE when "PVP" and "PVE" Level 10+ Clans fall below 14 members(there is a price to hide) maybe then someone on Chronos can take Aden from NPCs.(if you want to activate Clan skills secretly by recruiting a couple noobs, so you can XP till someone comes and declares WAR(conspiracy etc..)
  13. You DEFINITELY should have beaten that character.... keep wasting Supports time. git real lol
  14. you need more boxes to get your opinion out!...
  15. What if the NPC Castle Defenders got ninja Boosts like most MOBS/Bosses did... Perhaps Aden and Rune would be unobtainable without FULL Ally support. They would need to abandon the 14 man Clans... Fill all Ally Clans with Stacked Live Players, or only challenge lower Castles. Well it would be interesting to watch at least.
  16. The NCSOFT Support Team reserves the right to make exceptions depending on the context of the request, and the standing of the requester's account. The NCSOFT Support Team reserves the right to deny a restoration/resealing/transfer request, even if the item was eligible to be restored/resealed/transferred in the past. There may be a downside to behaving like they OWE you anything... they don't, being obstinate and refusing to accept their previous decisions, spamming Support and the Forums daily is not going to influence an exception in your favor.
  17. There used to be a NPC called News Informer, that they would add for 2 weeks after an Update which changed Quests... if you were 80%+ complete you could claim rewards, if you had less then you might get adena reward... either way the Quest was completed. AFAIK that NPC never worked with Ertheia characters(so we don't see it anymore)... Try hunting the Level 40 Quest Mobs Sobbing/Whispering Windra(listen to see if you hear quest noise, even if the Quest item does not drop) if you do contact support, give them as much information as possible NPC's spoken to... Tarti, Pio, Raymond. MOBS Skeleton
  18. next time it will be you got them from PVP wager? or you mugged a Dwarf on Fantasy Isle? ANY Support needs more than 16, and there are skills that only require 4... but sure you are gonna toss them out cause you are having a tantrum.
  19. The Clan Missions will give you 16 total when you get to 105/105... https://www.lineage2.com/news/wild-horizons-patch-notes Clan Missions The clan missions for main/dual class levels 99-120 have been improved: Clan Mission Title Level Achieved Clan Rep Personal Rep Rewards Main Class - Enhance the Basics 1 99 300 3000 x1 Rune Stone (non-tradable)
  20. https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035810271 If an item is not eligible for a restoration, the NCSOFT Support Team will let you know in response to your request. The NCSOFT Support Team reserves the right to make exceptions depending on the context of the request, and the standing of the requester's account. The NCSOFT Support Team reserves the right to deny a restoration/resealing/transfer request, even if the item was eligible to be restored/resealed/transferred in the past. Basically they say contact us to determine if an Item is eligible... but we can c
  21. Because an end-game Character with access to 95% of equipment on server, can't equip a 105+ Alt to out DPS 1-3 full exalted parties... or even 1-shot everything upto 112+.
  22. The Autohunt interface is different on Classic... stop asking Classic stuff on Live Servers!!! go to Classic Forum--> https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/34-classic/ https://l2wiki.com/classic/Auto-hunting_system (right click auto use skills placed on skillbar)
  23. Tarti is only on Live(Awakened) servers in Gludio across from Gatekeeper(should be the location you found?)... there used to be another Tarti in Aden, to access the Dimensional Rift(removed some time ago). If you are on Classic, you can't follow Live character development/quests https://l2wiki.com/classic/Quests_for_Levels_1-40#21-40
  24. Skill cool down(reuse time), if you had a few items to minimize reuse, and macro includes more than just 2 AoE skills... then you would try to use non-skill auto-attack less often(either uses Arrows from inventory or gives message and pauses till a skill is ready)
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