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  1. How it's supposed to work... Weapon Attribute(chosen to compliment an available stance) + Stance (+100 when matching Weapon), then passive/buff/item etc. How it's actually working for me: Weapon Attribute(any including stance) + Stance (+100), but the 100 only lasts for a few seconds and toggle stays on(I tried Fire/Wind/Dark/Holy Weapons with Wind/Dark Stances)... then everything else.(the 100 shouldn't add when attribute doesn't match stance... and it should stay when they do.)
  2. It almost feels like a Boss cinematic opening... I still see him in many of those areas, here's an offline interactive version of the Map: Path to Awakening
  3. AFAIK the only Appearances we ever had that gave skills came from the 5 pc Appearance Stone Sets: Tribal Warrior, Ninja, Metal Suit, Military etc(to have complete Appearance you need Hair Accessory/Chest/Glove/Leg/Shoe each with APP Stone applied) I'm not sure if you need the Hair Accessory for the skill(some 1 pc APPs may have been added with skills that I'm unaware of)
  4. Well the only legitimate part of this is that when a flagged griefer summons a flagged Bonfire, as it is a Monster when another player hits it they don't flag, so it can't be used to "PVP AFK toons". If Bonfire was an NPC this behavior should still be true... and the above malicious actions would not be possible anymore.
  5. The Bonfires are Monsters right now, if someone spawns one in open fields Auto-hunt macros will target it, but it doesn't seem to have HP(timed)... so the macro player will waste time and shots, and even follow them away from MOB spawns. I think they should either be changed to an NPC, or the Bonfire item should not be functional outside Peace zones. On Chronos if you spawn one near the Event Stage, they get attacked by multiple toons... could be Auto-hunt(turned back on after returning to town) or /targetnext looped macro on skillbar(or the other 3rd party automation)
  6. The MOBS in the fields surrounding the swampy area are not clustered together, so they aren't as suitable for Archer/Wizard AFK auto-hunt. A live Tyrr or Sigel can pull them into the size groups they can handle, AoE the group then repeat(other single target DDs can semi-AFK the same area, just needing to run towards MOBS when there aren't any in their auto-target range)
  7. When an APP is used on an item with a modified Appearance, the pre-existing APP is over-written... it does not matter if either APP is temporary, when a temporary APP expires the Item will become unmodified, stock appearance. The Santa's Fishing rod will give Santa APP when equipped, like Cat/Panda potions(and some NPC buffs)without changing the item. The Venir Fragment is ONLY on Classic Prize table(live has Venir 18 on Prize table, description has standard compounding information)
  8. Except that we now have auto-disconnect when lying dead for an hour, if that is working properly, then the owner needs to resurrect them or lose coverage when they dc. If they don't dc due to programs, that should be something NC could detect and trace... even block(I have no illusion that any real punishment will happen)
  9. Resetting Clan quests is a bug, a side-effect of visiting the dimensional server(not an intended benefit for players)... purposely exploiting this bug may allow fast leveling of your clan, but if NC wakes up and punishes exploiters... there wouldn't be enough eligible clans left to siege every Castle. https://l2wiki.com/Dimensional_Sieges#Characters_features_after_teleportation I don't see "After teleportation Clan Leaders can reset Clan quests" or any beneficial status really(maybe the bug is related to one of these restricted statuses) Characters features after teleportation
  10. Changed so that arrow, crossbow attack is possible even when one is not equipped with arrow / bolt or Infinite quiver / Infinite Bolt, as long as they are in the inventory. This change is so you can equip a sigil or shield, you still need to have Quiver/Bolt Container in your personal inventory... it only equips if you take off sigel/shield(if you still had arrows you could not choose what gets used and still equip a sigel or shield). Why they didn't put another button next to SS, who knows?
  11. Definitely... when they simply say adjusted, has it ever been beneficial for the Player-base? Worst case scenario: to further promote single player mode, the over-hit bonus is applied only to the character which deals it and the rest of the party/CC doesn't even see "Over-hit" in the system message.
  12. Yes lets compensate Yuls too, after-all they were so lonely XPing 24/7 for the last Year. You could take mele Dragon Weapon everyday for your Dual Class, or just use mele Weapon on Main Class(you can get the extra "compensation" Buff for using mele Weapon too, lol)
  13. There are other undocumented areas which provide Ether(without the new crafting ingredients) Stronghold II/III have Adena and Ether, Fairy Settlement has Adena, Ether and Kimerian Traces(Arms of Timiniel from Ancient City Arcan)
  14. I call BS... https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/210341186-Race-Change-Service-FAQ Race Change Service Rules & Requirements Can only be used for the regular Lineage II servers A character’s race may be changed as often as once per week. Must be level 85 and already have an awakened class. Can request changes to Race and Race Model (Fighter/Mystic for Humans and Orcs). Can also request to keep your race, but change the race model if you wish. Racial stats and passive skills will be changed to the new race. The following races/c
  15. How about Black Judge can reduce by 50% your PK count and - reputation for 1 Level loss... 1 time per day and you can't go below Level 85.(there would be some chronic PK's that will run out of levels before they get PK count down enough to use scrolls)
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