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  1. While he can obviously see and feel the Matrix... he's not Neo, so no matter what he tries, he just can't control the Matrix. SammlerMull
  2. Just like Beauty shop, I suggest an NPC Prop/Costume manager. When you go to the Wardrobe... you will be in the same type of interface as the Beauty shop and can switch between collected APPs(an inventory toggle to hide/show Costumes on the fly), with sections for: Disguise(costumes like Formalwear/Alice/Assassin etc, extract stone to trade to NPC) Armor(no grade to Dynasty, can buy/earn/trade)[Doom Armor Costume will auto-switch APP based on Equipped Armor] Weapon(no grade to Dynasty, can buy/earn/trade)[Dynasty Weapon Prop will auto-switch based on Equipped Weapon] Hai
  3. When did we get vip on Live servers... you KNOW the topic is about Live, right? go to Classic Forums and discuss vip/update there.
  4. WOW I've never heard of NCRU... it's 4game/Innova, APP is irrelevant... you are asking for return of a feature which was developed by/for for an independent licensee(never on legitimate company run servers... EVER)
  5. NCsoft has never had an offline "Training Camp" or offline shops either for any official L2 service(4game is a licensee, legally providing Lineage2 service in their region[plus customizations]) so if you want to get back offline anything... you came to the wrong place(go to the server where they actually had/have those services)
  6. 1 post claiming to have reported numerous "bots" next post accusing a specific player(against the Forum Code of Conduct) just cancelled out each other... Next you could post a Video of TOP Player "obviously using k/b macro or bot" and all your posts disappear when you get banned, if you really have proof of any wrong doing... keep it between you and support, The Forums are intended for Player to Player support(we rarely even get acknowledged by any NCsoft staff)
  7. worthless cosmetic items are deleted by most players, working or not... I don't think anyone kept that(it has only been available to our server since last year, most 16/17 year toons need as many empty inventory slots as possible)
  8. If you Choose one of the FEW Lobby Face/Hair Styles it works like the old potions... you may not be able to switch back to your original in the Beauty Shop, if you can't find the OLD potions for the Lobby Hair/Face you want, you will be Trapped to the Beauty Shop's selection.(you can have multiple Beauty Shop exclusive and 1 Lobby Hair Style/Color/Face etc.)
  9. Integrated combined Graphics... Intel at Desktop w/ discrete 3D Accelerated Graphics for 3D applications(Gaming) MS Windows discrete switching, Geforce Driver and the Game will never, all be BUGGED the same globally in EVERY region at the same time. I have an Acer All-in-one computer for Streaming/Web Browsing etc.(some-times an L2 shop or leacher in the back-ground) I had a discrete GeForce 450 add-in-card[no external connections on mine] that occasionally crashed my computer... when I was getting WinLicense I tried using a Normal PCIe Geforce750, I couldn't get the Internal displa
  10. ALL Legacy pre-Awakened Skills no longer exist on Live(the shadow icons on your taskbar is the only evidence we ever had them here)... you should be able to learn the NEW novice versions of the skills you will get after Awakening if you click the learn skill tab, if you are coming back to relive some nostalgia the Live Servers(Naia/Chronos) are slim pickings... most Old Content is either removed or irrelevant now, you might trigger better memories on Classic.
  11. It was a Windows Driver component issue(MS/Intel fixed it?), that only impacted Intel CPUs using Intel Video at desktop, and switched to discrete AMD/GeForce 3D Video when Launching a Game, if there is a BIOS setting to set AMD/GeForce as Primary instead of Intel, that would have fixed it too.
  12. NC Launcher... you choose location of the server(not yours), NCsoft only has Blade & Soul in Europe, so. it was only implied that you wanted to use the same account for both versions at the same time(They would only need to add a Classic Authentication server, and an extra button for Classic... then somebody is gonna want to use same account on Chronos and Naia at the same time... that's never gonna happen either.) I can use Live/Classic at the same time on 1 computer(obviously on separate accounts)... nearly EVERYBODY runs more than 1 account except you I guess, because the rest o
  13. There is only 1 client/Authentication server for both Live/Classic(either Live or Classic on 1 login, can't use the same account for both at the same time)... I think you can still run Blade & Soul/Aion with the same login as L2 at the same time. You can run separate accounts on 2 different NCwest servers at the same time, on the same computer.
  14. If your add-on Video Card is Discrete, or not set as primary in BIOS, then you are likely launching L2 with Intel Graphics... and the Windows system that switches between Primary and Discrete Video Cards is being blocked by this error(it sounds like you need to set "external video" to Primary... try to figure out if it is possible in your BIOS)
  15. If the Hourglass still exists after you get the Homunculus ,then you did not generated it with Cradle of Time... "every single hourglass at wh" you still have hourglasses from Clan Missions? (the Hourglasses from February's update should have been deleted) maybe you need to open spaces for more Homunculi.(on the Management page click on the locked space to open it for an extra Homunculus for 90 million Adena and 84 Gem-R)
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