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  1. race change

    I call BS... https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/210341186-Race-Change-Service-FAQ Race Change Service Rules & Requirements Can only be used for the regular Lineage II servers A character’s race may be changed as often as once per week. Must be level 85 and already have an awakened class. Can request changes to Race and Race Model (Fighter/Mystic for Humans and Orcs). Can also request to keep your race, but change the race model if you wish. Racial stats and passive skills will be changed to the new race. The following races/classes cannot use the Race Change Service: Cannot change from or to Ertheia and Kamael Races. If your character has a Dominator or Maestro class as the main class, dual class, or subclass then you cannot use the race change service. The Race Change Service is processed within approximately 24 hours.
  2. Incoming PK System

    How about Black Judge can reduce by 50% your PK count and - reputation for 1 Level loss... 1 time per day and you can't go below Level 85.(there would be some chronic PK's that will run out of levels before they get PK count down enough to use scrolls)
  3. If they had stripped 99% of the legacy content between Nov '11 and Oct '12 would anybody even be here? Including the drastic changes from GoD maybe half of the memorable content we've lost so was in the first 6 years, it is accelerating.
  4. Screen Shot Contest Winner Announcement

    No, but my folks joined an Orthodox Church 15+ years ago... so we have 1 Christmas but 2 Easters.(1 with the Easter Bunny, Candy etc. for the kids & 1 for Church and Easter Dinner)
  5. Screen Shot Contest Winner Announcement

    We were starting to wonder if the contest dates were using Julian Calendar... Today would be May 7 so there would be 3 days left to enter. https://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/?country=23
  6. Wings of Splendor and Appearance modification

    No you can't put Appearance on any of the New Masks or Circlets... That's why people use the Full Armor Appearances like Assassin, or hide the Hair Accessories and use Beauty shop.(cause they are ugly) You might be a bit confused here... maybe thinking of the 5 Appearance stone packs like Metal Suit or Taiwanese, the Head accessories Stones were supposedly only useable on 2-slot accessories. You can wear 2 1-slot accessories which are both modified Appearance(face acc APP on no-SA face acc and head acc APP on 1-2 SA acc)
  7. Over the last few updates we have had a lot of Old Items/Skills/Mobs deleted to clean up the database leaving a few areas completely empty... since F2P they have made minor adjustments but the recent updates were total slash & burn.However there are still plenty of NPC's which have no real purpose since F2P (like the Corpse named Mark to the west of Giran's Blacksmith, Torai in Death Pass or Guardian of The Altar in Caron's Dungeon etc) and now that they have duplicate NPCs in Aden/Giran Central Square maybe the NPCs in their original locations should be replaced or deleted. Even if there is no database issue, if someone says come to Walderal: Warehouse keeper in Aden /target can take you 2 different locations depending on which is closer to you. Even though they removed Little Wing Quest the Drakes/Wyverns are still spawning...
  8. How do i get a strider

    All Quest 1-85 were deleted for Fafurion/Suplemental 1... Wolf/Baby pets/Hatchlings etc. can only be obtained from other players now, and no quest to evolve a Hatchling to a Strider(Wolf and Baby pets can still be evolved at Pet Manager)
  9. R95 dual daggers

    Are you using Paulina's Apocalypse/Twilight or +0 no SA no set effect standard Apocalypse/Twilight... the Paulina's is aprox. the same P.atk/P.def as +0 Blessed and Weapon SA/set effect are extra nice.
  10. List of goods in short supply

    Adjustments aren't always an improvement, when they had B-grade in regular NPC it was ALL B-grade... then they put only low B-grade back in luxury shop. The Crafting system was reworked though so you could buy Recipes and Mats from an NPC(no grade to S80).
  11. Gift/Scammers ncoin

    Everyone Stop Asking for C.O.D on Gifts... Ask for 3rd Button. 1. Buy 2. Gift 3. Broker: You order Item to be delivered to a client for Adena Payment, and when they Accept Delivery Your NCoin is depleted and you recieve Adena Payment. Currently there are Items which you cannot Gift... They could disable Broker for any Items they choose(Tradeable or not) But what about Hero Coins(does anyone earn Hero Coins for Broker?)
  12. Switch claas inventory limit FIX

    Play Ur Main Class, whole new systems have been implemented to rank/evaluate Ur Main Class only. Dual Class is just a distraction... do not live as Dual Class, you could lose all time/effort when they re-work entire Dual-Class system.(subclasses were irrelevant and they EVENTUALLY got removed...)
  13. @Juji the Quality of Life improvements for this update... n/a for low-geared ppl?
  14. GM buff after unscheduled Chronos server maintenance?

    Different Countries use different Time/Date Formats... Forum Software uses MM/DD/YYYY(check the Quotes), Regular Maintenance notices use Month DD, YYYY Mathematically/Mechanically you can say YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS is the proper format(Units on the Right will +1 Units to their Left when they complete a cycle) Like an mechanical Watch or Clock with date display... However we should use the Format being used on this Forum/Region, or use Month name to be perfectly clear.