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  1. Aden... NCWest is Focused on their NEW product, maybe next year if there isn't another new version(or Classic closing by then).
  2. AFAIK Giran is a Classic sever... you might want to ask in the Classic section: https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/34-classic/
  3. If you are on Live servers(and you mean all 7signs dungeons, not just Raids)... then you need to find an NPC dog named Mr. Peabody(he could spawn Devil's Isle/Hardin's/Ivory Tower etc... not!)
  4. Well Thanks for Posting on Live Forums... it may save returning players from wasting too much time or $$. There is quite a small chance of NC Staff noticing or replying to your post when you use the right Forum(maybe less than in-game drop rate). "Future Updates" sub-forum is completely player driven(Translating other regions etc)If any NC Staff ever even sees this forum... They can not confirm or deny other regions content's existence, and even if we do get the content eventually... they might find out a week or two before the update(and if we're lucky we might read patchnotes before the ser
  5. We can't even get those scrolls on Live servers... so how could we help you? (this is Live Forums here.) Aden: https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/62-player-to-player-support/
  6. There is NO L2 Coin on the Live servers... Try Aden Forums. https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/63-report-a-bug/
  7. * it should have read: they could charge 10-20% more for lower value exchange rates. Over the years it has cost me more than straight exchange for NCoins... but a nominal exchange fee on Amazon.com(about 8 years ago, until they geo-locked NCoin purchases)tripled when I was forced to buy NCoin from Account management... and it increased again when they outsourced payment processing through Digital River or whatever it was called.
  8. Corporate practices and policies about exchanging Foreign currency are only enforceable for Banking and Financial Companies. Country B currency is worth 1.5x Country A currency Country A decides to pay 45% exchange(x1.45)... but will not pay any exchange on coins(x1). Country B charges 35% to exchange(x0.65)... and still charge exchange on coins. National Retail stores will likely set a yearly exchange rate within 1-4% of their Country's average exchange rate for the previous year. Mom + Pop local neighborhood shops can get away with not paying exchange... and th
  9. If they would ADD an Exalted enchanting bundle: 50 Blessed Exalted Armor enchants and the box of consumables(105+ quantity limited for Account(10?)... reset yearly with Hero Coins) Then they could change the Exalted Armor bundles... instead of Account limit of 2 per type, they could limit 1 per type for each character on the account.(if they took out Exalted Soul Crystal and some extras, like Challenger Weapon stuff... they could remove the limit and discount them 40-60%)
  10. I think C4/5 I stopped playing NCwest due to buddies quitting ... came back during one of the Gracia patches stayed about a year(I believe Juji started as Moderator during my first break), and returned again when we got Free2Play Goddess of Destruction(only minor breaks, 1-2 months each since then)
  11. I'm talking about 2015 Launch of NEW Zaken server, and Steam distribution/bundles... I have no clue about L2 on Steam anytime before GoD[Nov '11] https://steamcommunity.com/app/373700/discussions/0/490125103625244702/
  12. If he had Lineage ][ installed by Steam while it was available, then Steam would have had accurate time and other achievements during that time... but AFAIK L2 has been purged from their libraries now(anyone still have it on their Steam account?).
  13. You must be on Aden server(s)... Live servers still have MOBs in abandoned zones(no updates for years) our Aden hasn't developed enough to warrant filling the entire Map yet.
  14. While he can obviously see and feel the Matrix... he's not Neo, so no matter what he tries, he just can't control the Matrix. SammlerMull
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