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[Guide] Farming, how to make steady profit


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This is just me sharing my experience on farming as a F2P player in Aden version. Hope it will help :D 

Now, to make Profit, I follow this formula:
Profit = Revenue/Income - Cost
Profit: the amount of adena you actually earn after deducting all the costs
Revenue/Income: The gross amount of adena you earn for killing mobs (drops are excluded)

Cost: consumables needed to generate Revenue/Income, such as sayha grace potions, spirit shots, spirit ores, hp pots, att/def scrolls etc.

In any certain farming zone (Plain of Glory, for instance), for 1 sayha grace potion, you get a fixed number of money (regardless of how fast you kill, you kill faster, sayha grace burns just as fast) ==> Revenue/Income is a fixed number per ONE SAYHA POTION FOR THAT ZONE . Therefore, in order to maximize profit for a particular farming zone, we need to minimize cost. The question is How?

1. Picked a farming class. In my opinion, Arcana lord is the easiest to make money because he has the lowest cost to play among other classes.         
2. Pick out a skill combo that has the lowest cost, which is:

           - Buffs: Restore mana lvl 1 + Empower + Berserker's spirit + All available survitor buffs (All are free). This will cost you 9x3x24=648 spirit ores per 24 hours. You get up to 700 spirit ores (500 from 10 sayha grace mission, up to 200 from daily hunting mission) + from events if available. That means the cost for ores is 0
          - Skills: Mana Recharge (free from survitor), Vampiric rage (has 40% life steal with 46 power which is strong enough for up to lvl 70 mobs without having to use spirit shots), Survitor Smart Heal. That means the cost for spirit shots and hp pot is 0 (only use the free shot tickets is good enough). Also, since we don't need att/def scrolls and exp scrolls (higher exp = higher burn of sayha), the cost for scrolls is 0 (free scrolls are also good but not a must-have)

LVL 77 and ABOVE:
           -Buffs: Restore mana lvl 1 + Haste + Berserker's Spirit + All available survitor buffs (All are free). Cost is as above

           -Skills: Normal attack + Self Heal + Survitor Smart Heal (We will go as melee because after lvl 77, we have Feline King which is stronger so we have normal attack to follow him so we can pick up loots. Cost is also the same as above

All put together, the Cost is only 500k to buy 10 sayha grace potions to farm every day (this could be lowered if you can buy l2 1k box with the price under 2.5kk per box)

With only 10 grace potions + 10 cookies, how much revenue can be generated?

That depends on the zone (not the speed with which you kill) you farm in. For instance, without shots and scrolls, at Plain of Glory, with 10 grace potions + 10 cookies + 50 small sayha grace potions (Free and only available for lvl 76+), I can farm approximately 18 hours with an average 70k adena per hour  + 5% adena for the rest of the day. (You earn more if there's a event with free grace potions/cookies given)

Conclusion, while other classes require Soulshots/Spiritshots, HP pots, higher lvl Restore buffs and many other buffs, which burn ores faster, Arcana Lord uses only 3, which cost only 9 per 20 mins (27 per hour), not to mention he has many free survitor buffs. That makes him a Adena grinding machine indeed.

Thanks NCSoft for making Summoners useful and needed again :D 


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