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L2 Store - Cloaks

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Ok, So.. The x10 pac for Legendary scrolls have a 10% change to work. for a whooping 200.00$$$

Now i remember crafting an item for the exalted quest that had a 10% chance. The Legendary scrolls can, EASILY cost 1000.00 to just so you can trade the cloak??  lol really?


NCSoft is getting pretty brazen!!

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I think they know that people are just going to use Hero coin anyway. But you're right, the cost for the Legendary scroll pack is ridiculously high, considering that you only get 10 of them AND the fact that the success rate is very low. I went through 20 legend scrolls trying to make on Legendary Ferios cloak. I'm done with this event. Tuck my wallet away and wait for the next "event."

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