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Body Mana Armor glitching again?


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Since the last maintenance: during gameplay, my toggle skill (Embody Mana Armor) falls off (on it's own, not because I died) & I'm dying a lot. This happened a long while ago (maybe 1-2 years, I am unable to recall,) but it eventually was fixed. Also, did you make the mobs in Sea of Spores harder? It's killing a lot of players since maintenance as well. I have 2 feohs that this happens to. Please look into this & fix it. Thank you.


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I sat & watched the next day. No, that isn't what happened. BUT, I found out that SoS was revamped (through a response from GM) so that at least explains the trouble I'm having. Usually when I was there without the toggle on, I'd be ok with heals. Even my boyfriend (the healer) said something was wrong after the latest update. But thank you ^_^

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