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  1. Support tickets

    I cannot make a support ticket. I need to report someone for bullying, slander in world chat & stalking. But cannot open a ticket. The site gives me the run around.
  2. Stalking & Harassment

    I mean besides the obvious, because I can't submit a ticket.
  3. Stalking & Harassment

    How do I file a report of a stalker whom has started harassing me not only in game, from different toons, but also in the community discord? Thanks for any/all advice.
  4. Unable to submit a ticket

    I'm attempting to submit a ticket & it just keeps bringing me to my own account screen. I try to then back out of that page, assuming I clicked on something incorrectly, but that is not the case. When I do hit the back button, it brings me to the previous page, but then rubber bands me back to my account screen. I've tried this several times. Can a GM look at my account & see why this is happening? Please inbox me if you can. Thank you in advance!