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  1. Clan done, but would still like a party (outside of clan, or in) for dailies) Sorry, I am unable to pvp if that should arise) thank you!
  2. My boyfriend (107 Feoh) & I (108 Feoh) are looking for a high level active clan that speaks English. A cp for dailies would be fun, but we can also solo. (Had to for years..so.) We're in the US & on the upper Eastern coast.
  3. For real, you ruined FoS. lol Bring back my mobs. Now I'll get pk'd 3x as much for a spot!
  4. Embody Mana Armor is broken for most of us (has been for a while now) We can't even use it unless we have an SE there with their recharge skill(s). Even my high level friend doesn't use his unless pvp is incoming. I'm not even in terrible gear either. That bounce back & forth for both Feoh & Yul is protection from anything, pvp or pve, because we're squishy af. I'm sorry, but, is it your 1st day?
  5. Taking away at least half of the hunting stops in FoS was the dumbest thing in history. Lack of drops? Lack of adena? Lack of...exp...I learned to deal with, but this is absolute craziness. Like I don't get pk'd for spots as it is, now it'll will be worse.
  6. Depends, can we have CPs? Or will Dante still be whining about them?
  7. My account does not work when hitting the options/prompts to submit a ticket. Phew....tis why I am here.
  8. Hun, if I knew why I couldn't submit a ticket, I would not be on here reporting that I can't submit a ticket
  9. Robe is FE &+6, R99 (Has Demon appearance) Light set is FE & +8 w/+10 gloves. (Has healer appearance)
  10. Yeah, any option I choose just sends me to my account page. I'll have to just email them. Thanks to you both.
  11. I cannot make a support ticket. I need to report someone for bullying, slander in world chat & stalking. But cannot open a ticket. The site gives me the run around.
  12. I mean besides the obvious, because I can't submit a ticket.
  13. How do I file a report of a stalker whom has started harassing me not only in game, from different toons, but also in the community discord? Thanks for any/all advice.
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