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Classic Server Maintenance: April 20, 2022


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With this maintenance:

  • The 18th Anniversary Event will start for 4 weeks!
  • Attendance Checklist Event will start for 5 weeks!
  • 18th Anniversary Server Settings will start for 4 weeks:
  • Revenge Help Request: 1,000 Adena
  • Move to Revenge Target: 1 L2 Coin
  • XP/SP Boost + 100% for Lv. 40-75
  • Free Teleports
  • Night Market promotion will start for 4 weeks!
  • Oriana’s Lucky Draw Event will end!
  • All event related items and unclaimed rewards will be deleted.
  • Brooch Jewel Promotion & Higher Compound Rate increase setting will end!
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4 hours ago, Casemonstro said:

Yes, bots have already started earning items.

18 years and NCSoft continues to favor bots.

Why you say that bro ? Cuz in 1 second all rewards was given? Over 10000 prices in 1 second in a server that the active players are about 50 ppls? 😆  i just thing we must learn too click faster 😆 

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