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Upcoming Content Currently in Development - Classic Server


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  • L2 Team

Hello Everyone,

We hope you are enjoying the 18th Anniversary events and latest hunting zone update changes that were deployed this week. Our team is happy to announce future new content that is currently in development for all L2 servers. 

Our development team is preparing to introduce new content in the next few months. We have only received some minor details on the upcoming plans as they are still currently in development, but we expect to see the new content arrive on our servers toward the end of May and throughout June.

Please note the content may change once it has been deployed to our servers. 

Upcoming Content for Classic Server

  1. Addition of new field raid bosses for higher levels
  2. Introduction of L2 Battle Pass system
  3. An exclusive new high-level Hunting Zone for Level 86+

We will share more details regarding the upcoming content changes later next month. 

Happy Anniversary!

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