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O cmon, you can do something better than a copy/paste!


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Ancient Cloak Promotion Returns



5/11/2022|Sales|By The Community Team

Lineage II

Lineage II: Classic

Event Duration: May 11 - May 25

Make a statement with Ancient Kingdom Cloaks. Choose from four different types of cloaks, with each having different stats suitable for your character.

Promotion Details

Ancient Kingdom Cloaks are available in the L2 Store on both the Lineage II and Lineage II Classic servers.

The promotion begins after maintenance on August 18 and ends on September 1 at 6:00 a.m. server time.

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Since this article is a copy/paste from last year i wonder if the increased enchant success rate for cloaks is true or no.

@Arctic You don't need only to c/p articles from last year, you need to make sure that w/e you write in the article works in the game.

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