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Which scroll is for ancient and which is for legendary


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I'm having a hard time figuring out which enchant scrolls are for ancient cloaks and which are for legendary. The description and the titles are too confusing. I'm making a video for YouTube and I don't want to give the wrong information.

Can you guys please help me?

Scroll: Enchant Cloak
Scroll: Ancient Cloak - Legendary
Stable Cloak Enchantment Scroll
Stable Cloak Enchantment Scroll - Legendary
Scroll: Enchant Cloak - Legendary

(are there any more enchant scrolls? lol)

Thank you!

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Scroll enchant cloak:  enchant between 1-10 cloak (normal or legendary)

Scroll: Ancient cloak-Legendary: Enchant between 7-20 normal or legendary cloak (+10% Base success rate) 

Stable cloak enchantment scroll: enchant for 1-10 normal or legendary cloak (enchant dont drop if fail)

Stzble cloak enchantment scroll - legendary : enchant between +10-15 legendary cloak only (enchant dont drop if fail)

Scroll enchant cloak-legendary : enchant between 10-15-20 cloak (useless because people use ancient scroll for the 10% rate at such high enchantment)


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