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The Issue is real

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I love this game and have played it off and on since beta days, but I have to be honest, the dev team is killing the game and the market. Issue:

Enchanting rates are just awful. The result drives up the cost of just about everything in the game. It takes more materials to enhance and +++ items, and people want to earn what they put into the item and make a little profit.

Recommendation: NCsoft needs to strike a balance on the rates. For example not looking for everyone to magically be able to make +20 cloaks, but getting to +10 shouldn't be near impossible or cost hundreds of billions. Ncsoft needs to strike a balance for all items; another example is leveling artifacts to lvl5 should be doable and not cost billions to achieve. Little tweaks to rates to create an achievable base for players to reach without breaking the bank while making incremental improvements would go a long way.

Ncsoft just sold lv8 wings for $14.5k. Really and we wonder why nothing is affordable in-game for the casual player. A Brooch and Agathion sold for $12k. Is that the most ridiculous thing ever or what??? Hats off to NCsoft because people paid, but we wonder why the market is the way it is. To reiterate, I am not judging how people spend their money; I am just saying NCsoft is the root cause of why this games market is broke and continues to foster a need for real money exchanges to play beyond lvl110.

I won't talk about hunting areas or mobs as It's pretty self-explanatory; they get more challenging, drop less, and toons lack the ability to kill or farm. Again NCsoft builds a model that requires people to spend money to buy soul shot and other boosts to farm, so any profits that could be spent in-game market are burnt buying ncoin instead of investing in your player's gear and contributing to the market. It's like a self-licking lollipop.

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They won't do anything. They won't change anything.

Like you said, "Hats off to ncsoft because people paid".

As long as tons of money arrive each minute into their bank/paypal accounts, we have to deal with the game as it is. No changes. 

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