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Improve the game for those who like to play with support class. (Using the Google Translate)


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I got R110 armor, but their bonuses are sealed, I went to look at the NPC what it takes to remove the seal from each part of the armor and I was amazed, because it needs millions of adenas, it needs billions of adenas to buy gentones R and buy elcyum as it needs 9 and for the price charged in the game it would all be over 9 billion adena. Lineage 2 has become a free game, but at the same time it has been making things difficult within the game to indirectly force players to spend in the game, because elcyum you buy for Ncoins and that's absurd, I think it's time for NCsoft to decrease the amount of items to be able to remove the seal of the r110 armor, mainly that the game does not allow you to get adena easily, or you are part of a clan with a castle that every week collects billions in adenas, if you don't get that, you will have to spend with Ncoins and buy things in the store and sell them in the game, as many do. 

That is, this causes more and more distance and even pushes away new players, as they will have much more difficulty getting things, as this is absurd, the game when you are in the up lvl 106 areas for example, drops just 3k of adenas and look there.

But I want to make suggestions about improving the support:

As we know, the game has been benefiting players who play with DDs for years, and the game allows the player to open several accounts at the same time, this makes the support characters lose their value, because the DD only needs to create several supports and that's it. , he won't need anyone anymore, and the game was created to be an environment where everyone helps each other, and this is becoming impossible, NCsoft is increasingly creating an individualistic and casual environment.

There are many players who like to play Healer, like to play Iss or Sigel Knight, but these players want to evolve with their characters and class, but they can't, because the essence of the game is all about high damage class, it is created to favor archer, tyrr, dagger, feoh and etc, but leave aside the supports, even the zones that have time, those there that we enter and have time to stay, the mobs are extremely resistant.

I say this, because a friend of mine with his archer subclass, he just logs his Iss and his Feoh and leaves there in the macro, an instance where he alone kills the mobs, my Sigel doesn't even scratch the mobs, that's due to how NCsoft has been doing things, allowing people to log in multiple accounts and with that becoming unnatural, maybe this explains the game is getting terrible over time.

And it's no use creating or strengthening mobs to force players who play DDs to put Healer, Sigel and Iss in the party, because the player will have these classes and can log in without needing the others. Many can try to argue that I could do that, create a DD to be able to evolve my Sigel, but this thought is terrible for the history of the game itself, which from the beginning having a party is essential.

And honestly, I don't understand these people who spend a lot of money in the game, to have the most powerful set, the most powerful jewels, the most powerful items, what's the use if you're only going to test all this in the olympics and in the siege and even so, you will test with few people, because not everyone has enough money to spend on the game that has lost all meaning, there is no more PVP, the best equipped get more points from the less equipped, and the siege a lot was lost with time, I'm from the time that several clans would invade a castle and had fun, today 3 chars DDs well equipped do damage to several clans with medium equipment.

What I think, the game has to start offering a way for people to equip themselves, I think it's valid for people to be able to have equipment and items obtained with Ncoins, but that their distance to the rest is not absurd. Armor r110 will have the bonus naturally like other sets, or the items requested to remove the seal will be drastically reduced. That they start to create instanceas where the supports can evolve at the same speed as the DDs, because the only support that doesn't lose its majesty in the game is the ISS, you can see that the Healer was replaced by Iss, which has healing, and dabuffa and etc. Create Ups places facing the supports and that's easy, easy to revolve, it just puts absurd resistance to Feohs, Tyrr, Summoner, Dagger, Archer, and having less resistance to Sigel, Iss and Healer classes, it's easy to do that , the mobs themselves would already have resistance per class in their structure.

Reviewing all events, especially events where the aim is to kill and defeat the largest number of mobs, this benefits precisely the DDs, and game items are easier to get so that new players are excited about it.

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On 7/18/2022 at 7:04 PM, Murkan said:

I got R110 armor

You are richer than me. I cannot purchase any armor/weapon/jewel on Naja. Also, I usually play solo, but my char is weak, he cannot kill any mob,  and when I kill low level mobs, I  don't receive any money/items/xp. In conclusion, it is very boring to play with it. Because of this fact I stopped of playing on live. So I created some new chars and started  to play on Classic, but after some weeks, the weapon I received by quest disappeared. My lvl is 32, weapons and armors are expensive there, and  there aren't other quests, or no way to make adena. I have no weapon and I cannot kill lvl 30 mobs by using my mind, so I stopped of playing on classic too.  Now I am looking for better servers/ game companies.

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