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Spoil Crush useless? Spoil drops gone.


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Hi i wanna ask a quetsion, what is the point of the description of this skill "Spoil Crush" saying "there is a certain chance of stealing items from monsters" if there isn't any spoil drop anymore? I've been farming 24/7 for weeks in multiple places, in pt with other ppl to watch the chat log cuz itin the past it usedto  let you know the spoiler got something by "sweeper", since the Vanguard update that never happened again, the items we used to get from monbs wren't even a big deal but still, the skill says you should get something once in a while. So why bother to get the skill with 31 Magicla Tablets? even further why does even exist the skill yet?. Is it a bug? Can someone  from the team clarify?

Is like having a skill with CC effect that makes dmg but the CC never lands, it takes all the "role" out of the character, and i truly believe this isn't supose to be like this or the description would have changed.



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They reworked most many things on the game for better, including Dwarven classes, but this details are just something they should have think very well nefore include them AGAIN, specially if this verison does not had to do anything with Dwarven Craft and Spoil, those skills are even Magical tablet skills, nto even free ones, doens't have any sense.

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