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112 Archer advice needed on my path to 115...


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I had a Maestro and wanted to try archer and had a blast with my subclass.  Up to level 112 Ghost Sentinel on my subclass now but noticed that at 115, my Lionel Hunter 7th Exalted quest Gives me Spellbook: Attribute of the Exalted and Spellbook: Dignity of the Exalted.  BUT, I can only use them on my main class.  Did I just screw myself over here?

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Ok, it looks like you have to switch to your main to read the scroll, but the passive boost you get (Dignity of the Exalted Lv6 and lv7) apply to both main and dualclass.

You can "earn" the spellbook and complete the quest on your dualclass.


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