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  1. Made a shout the other day of ex. when a grownup have accepted reasons to cry out loud in public, due to the hero shout crying was really boring! Reasons i gave was: 1. When your sport team looses the game 2. When you accidently spill out your beer this reason was pmd to me: 3. When you order a cheescake and get the round thingy. Feel free to add and "maybe" give those cryers some pointers... ;D
  2. Dwarf Crafting

    So you missed the conclusion part... the permanent rec is to provide a service nobody else can!!!
  3. Dwarf Crafting

    1st rec is for the unique ability the crafter has... set up specific craft shop only they can make (unlike the rec where you only need awakening).. with this crafter made huge earnings back in the days (can still do).. but requires some investment in rec. 2nd would be like everyone else.. needed to actually craft the item. Seems logical to me.. options would be.. EVERYONE can craft EVERYTHING.. making crafter pointless.. or.. Crafters can own/crash market.. So in conclusion.. 1st rec to be able to provide a service only they can.. and charge for it..
  4. No more New Items Please

    Not a forum warrior!!! But i do read alot written in forums. Just feel to weigh in abit!... Started playing this game in prelude until Hellbound update on one of the original servers (Bartz). Came back after a really long break here (1.5 years ago) due to a friend called me for some help (so yeah.. there are "new" players on server). Since i came i been catching up and learning all the new things with the game.. observing.. and stayed out of server politic. You have to be blind to not see how NCWest is actually messing alot of things up... but.. also the players on this server (Chronos.. since i never played on Naja) helping with the "killing the game". This community is amongst the worst i ever seen in any online gaming.. the rudeness, lack of respect and ignorance is just astonishing. People scream for new players.. to buy there used gear.. come to pvp.. and so on.. How????.. NCWest not helping with the prices they force upon old and new players.. but the community itself do the final blocking out players.. Not letting lowbies hunt so they can have a chance to actually lvlup and be enjoying the game and eventually take part of some kind of pvp (even as meat shields, due to lack of the thousands of dollars needed to spend to actuallly be anything but..) Back in the days the big ally/clans took responsibility to keep a certain code of honoer.. giving punishment for members that shamed the tag but dispicable actions (like scamming/griefing/real foul language).. this doesn't exist AT ALL anymore.. its all about the gear they bring! Now the existing elite cry about the world they allowed and created by letting things like this up.. wondeering why no pvp and why no new players... SERIOUSLY!!!.. Ask yourself this.. disregard NCWest involvement.. how the hell can ppl recommend to come here and play with this community? New players asking some questions.. leading to very rude replies or urge them to move on and forget all about it.. not really questions they ask.. and ppl in game add by random pks.. and all kind of griefing.. I get that players get bored.. paying for gear/xp easily do that.. the old school grinders have much more respect towards this and don't use the hard earned gear being used to go around and grief ppl.
  5. Rebirth

    Had saame prob... noticed it was during celestial effect for me.. so worked while no celestial up
  6. WTB Scroll Blessing R95

    Offer 2.9bil.. COD EyeForAnEye
  7. WTB Scroll Blessing R95

    Like tittle says.. WTB Scroll of Blessing R95
  8. Also think Sel Mahum Training Grounds in need of an overlook.. 2-300 adena is really a miserable payout for 103+ mobs