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  1. Server Disconnections - 5.21.2020

    Never said I blamed NC West... just expressed some frusration since some clients dc.. and some didn't Also wrote "if" they decide to compensate....
  2. Server Disconnections - 5.21.2020

    Ok.. really been trying despite these dc.. but have to throw in the towel and give it a break.. before i break my laptop. If any plans to compensate.. pls dont set something up just an hour or 2 after you fixed this.. probably more people than me that lost boosters and gave up after hours of frustration. Would really be so wrong with a limited time compensation such as GM buffs 1 hour after the fix

    Ehm.. he specifically mentioned "Nor to clan or friend"
  4. Homunculus info

    It's abit boring to fast track the homun.. but i do see it's worth it. Was thinking 2bil worth to use powerful fish, is a cheap price to get the lvl1 community skills triggered at lvl4 luminous. I just use 1 enchant on each skill to trigger them (if you don't they won't activate).. then i move on to keep lvl it up. Once i got it lvl5 i will backtrack and try get all skills lvl3 (with some priorities). With todays prices i calc pwrful fish to be 4mil.. so 2bil will give me 500 xtra ench for homun (1x pwrful fish = 1x ench) So.. 500/15 (max 15/day use of pwrful fish) = 34 days... then add the 5 free on that.. 5x34= 170 So in conclusion can make 670 ench in 34 days (this is based only on killing mobs, not use vitality) Since i use my dual class vit to gain some xtra ench i will make the lvl5 within that time frame. Then i spent 2bil for minimum.. con/men +3, hp/mp +3%, atk attribute +30, m.atk 3%, m.crt dmg 3%... and in my book, worth it.. where can you get that for 2bil? Yes, you can get it all for free if you x4 the time.. but i rather use this sooner than later
  5. Homunculus info

    That depends.. if you want to get those points.. its very easy within 1hour for you. All you need is kill some mobs that give you more than 0 xp... you should be able to kill mobs that is 7-9 lvl lower than you with 500/10min
  6. Did 16th Anniversary Boxes Stop Dropping?

    Another note... Started with alt char the minigame without a single coin. Did 5 clan quests that gave me 5 dices. During playing i got coins to buy more dices.. ended up with 67 coins running 1 round.
  7. Did 16th Anniversary Boxes Stop Dropping?

    Considering that 1 of the Monster Box prize is 1600 event coins.. @Juji How is this a good prize? You can't even use them during entire event, since limited to use 8/day. That means 200 days.. unless you consider to: * extend the event that long * lift/raise the limit higher than 8/day to buy dices * give any other option to use the event coins It's really a BAD prize!
  8. No spots to farm..

    My estimation about gear and lvl is.. We getting the updates pretty close to eachother nowdays.. since server was way behind. Causing the lvl and gear should be made never got the time between updates. The gear (and lvl) could of course be "bought"... Meaning... invest ALOT to get highend so you can farm at the places that could actually benefit for your upgrades. Even though it's been possible in other regions, prices here are really blood draining There is a logical reason why the 99% of adena sellers sell on Chronos and Naia.. this is where the market for buyers are
  9. Best dual class for Yul Saggitatarius

    A couple of things you should know to take into consideration... * Dual class skills affect both main and dual: So having a Yul main, the skill you want dont really fit your dual class (if healer) * The "free gear" (Exalted) will not take you far after lvl105. Once you geared up main, you can change Exalted armor and weap to nuker gear. * When Red Libra event comes, you can change your dual class (keeping your lvl). This might be something to think about if you want your dual class high, easiest is lvl up another Yul and then change when Red Libra comes.
  10. Cloack enchant

    LUC when it comes to enchanting.. is all about Lady Luck's appearance! There are always success rates to enchant/crafting, when Lady Luck strikes.. its 100% success! Meaning you can succeed regardless your LUC stats.. but you increase the chances for Lady Luck to appear with higher LUC stats = 100% success. But this ONLY applies when she can appear.. so when trading with npc for upgrade with chances.. its not based on LUC stats.. And Lady Luck not restricted to R-grade and appearently appear when ench cloaks aswell as circlets (that has no grade either).
  11. Ghost.. pls dont feed mixa's ego.. When i first came to this forum i read some post where he commented. I was so chocked about all the nonsense written by him, so decided to check other posts. Came to following conclusion: 90%+ was spreading misinformation, disrespecting others and trolling bs 8% was just repeating others.. and less than 2% was something of value
  12. R110 more expensive obiously.. but higher attribute and bigger value on augments.. they have a much higher "base stats".. meaning clean +0 than r99 That base stat gets higher for each upgrade on the r110.. in conclusion.. dont need many + to reach the +16 r99 dmg But in the end.. its about funds

    True.. it wasnt... i referred to your actual posts here.. how easy it is for new players.. I agree the get a very sweet boost at start.. but think about it.. what about later? Before we had some chance to provide for upgrade.. now its basically about daily farm for tomorrows SS and consumables

    Considering your posts here.. imagine you a new player.. how would you actually farm for the upgrade you talking about with the new server patch?
  15. Made a shout the other day of ex. when a grownup have accepted reasons to cry out loud in public, due to the hero shout crying was really boring! Reasons i gave was: 1. When your sport team looses the game 2. When you accidently spill out your beer this reason was pmd to me: 3. When you order a cheescake and get the round thingy. Feel free to add and "maybe" give those cryers some pointers... ;D