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  1. THIS makes me wonder.. WHY are you even here? You like "wasting your time"?
  2. omg... please stop making assumptions by poor reading... i never said that.. just said it would limit the RMT ppl.. only transactions i mentioned were, paying for L2 subscriptions way back.. and Prestige + occasional promos.. Im old school L2 player and still want to EARN my lvl and gear IN GAME.. NOT pay my way up!.. just that i did take a 10 year old break from L2 and came back like 2.5 years ago (to help a friend) further more, just commented it would be problematic for NCSoft to do that. However they already started this by circumventing the legal issues, by starting with t
  3. first of all.. the questions they had really proved they were new players... was no pretending being new, since had nothing to gain with those questions.. and they were just abit more than basic knowledge about game. 2nd: i played this game 1 week after realease (together with my irl friend that had beta invite and tried it). Basically after playing 6 month i subscribed 5 accounts = 75$/month.. how was that contribute to the problem??? Now however i spend an average of 60$/month (2x prestige + purchase approx every 3rd month promo), this i estimate being ok to spend for a game. I dont ju
  4. I also agree it would benefit in some ways... but i believe there are some serious LEGAL issues and liability, if this would be implemented And considering the low quality of support NOW... then how bad would it become with this? Probably will eventually cause major lawsuits and shutdown of game
  5. wow.. not what i said.. and you have choices to play other games with this specific line... buy gear.. go kill... THIS game was not designed like this.. why it had MANY loyal players... UNTIL they created NCShop... then the true great players went away.. bit by bit.. Game changed from work for gear and xp (best with others), to PTW and within 2months.. ppl get BORED!. So AGAIN.. this is now what the game attracted ppl with.. if you really dont get it.. you should look for the L2 review that explained why it became bigger in Asia rather than in US. So conclusion.. if you dont lik
  6. ehm... Those that played this game b4 NCShop, know this was a loooong and hard grinding game. Your progress built on hard work and cooperation with good ppl. The pvp was super fun but also careful considerations, since xp losses meant hard grind to recover. Now any spoiled kid with parents creditcard, buy the gear + xp.. then run around and look for trouble. I did think it was a good idea to give NCShop option, for those that didnt have the possiblity to catch up. Now i just think its sooo sad that its ALL about NCShop. They removed basically 70%+ for players to make their
  7. Not really true.. I have been helping several new players, aswell as returning players. Been players posting on YT reviews/progress and unfortunatly also their "goodbyes".. and MANY of them very recent players. Returning veterans leave VERY fast.. since they see in a blink of an eye, how much this became about BUYING your progress... not about EARNING it! Im stubborn and dont have too much ambitions in game.. so i actually stick around (just dont know for how much longer). I did try to recruit L2 veterans when i came back to L2.. answered some of their questions about the c
  8. Prestige dont give XP boost Gives adena+drop boost.. and useful dmg+skill cooldown
  9. oh.. i reread Lego post... my bad.. he actually meant paying for pwrlvl agree on that is really not to recommend... also reason we have lvl112+ that really playing their chars super bad but i dont really bother much about those... at worse, they end up pking lowbies since they figure they cant handle their chars.. or they just quit as fast as they came and paid for pwrlvl.
  10. ehm.. I believe Lego meant.. use VISA to get gear... and you clearly showing in that clip that you do, so still confused how this would even be useful guide to lvling? Also you dont state much.. you using boosters+200%xp rune.. so basically its not really cheap lvling once the free boosters gone Imo hunting green mobs would be needed if you dont have the gear, or farming "drops"/adena (basic rule since beginning of L2 :P). But you clearly have gear.. so using equal gear on any DD would prob use a more efficient xp spot (at lvl110).
  11. im confused... what exactly are you showing??? that a lvl110 with boosters can hunt at a lvl105 spot?
  12. ehm... then i believe the Evi have it better... the ordinary "buff" is passive.. meaning it will not take another buffslot. ONLY when using Gravity Switch you will take up buffslot... with Maestro you will take 1 buffslot regardless what skill you want to use.
  13. ehm.. not that i disagree... but so many other things that could be altered, that has been around longer... cubic summoning for example, no auto options, and have to be added into macro
  14. heh... well they should pity us... compared to other servers.. NCWest really abuse the freedom of "Regional settings"
  15. well.. i have no clue myself what the "Power rush" event is But seems you do.. maybe share knowledge?
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