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  1. and fight Korea in the new server vs server battle area?
  2. So no xp server boost... usually its applied during bigger patch updates
  3. Just wondering why the greater sapphire/ruby 30day box even have to be deleted? Since its already a timer on it whenever you use it..
  4. ahhh... was gonna use that.. but instead "The Bad, The Worse and The Ugly"
  5. This skill is more useful than ppl say. Sure prob not the highest priority if low on adena, but wait for right time to buy and doesnt have to cost much. Keep in mind its aoe effect.. meaning it triggers even if not in your target... also when it triggers.. the mob dies FAST in aoe party :P.... so its easy to miss how often it triggers.
  6. @Hime @Juji really hope you read posts here.. show alot about the player community reactions to your server adjustment/updates here
  7. ehh... cost total of 120 r-cry to craft and 150 r-cry to use skill now i ask you.. how many soulstones do you get for 30 r-cry that is the difference? Because you need 160x20 =3 200 soulstones.. lowest price can be bought is 287x3200= 918 400 adena.. dont know what you pay for your cry.. but if you pay 25 000 each you still get 918400/25000=36,7 cry. NOW.. please show me how it is DOUBLE the price????? Just to clarify.. double means 2x.. so 120*2=240 r-cry!!!! so even there you not even close to being DOUBLE!
  8. not arguing against you.. just stating 1.5 years ago you got more value for those 200m than today.. and if you freshly made 108-109.. .you dont really able to farm much more (due to the gear, prob exalted)... unless you prep to start spending real money.. loooong way to gear up, to even start farming But lets say for argument sake, player make 200mil/day at lvl108.. it will be faster for that char to lvl110 before getting proper upgrade for actually farming at 110. Because without upgrade of gear.. not possible to move on to better hunting grounds
  9. k.. then again.. 200m/day depending when this was.. would given you more for the money.. also if long time ago.. you had other "useful" times gaining during farm (like actual useful craft items)
  10. ehm... check your Yul skill "Superior Survival Ability"... only Dwarfs race skill have similar, rest go purely on Con
  11. ehm... guessing you're a tyr or yul... you should consider there are classes that really cant carry that much! My evi for example have to replenish every 4th hour.. not really fun if at work or overnight. Also.. please show me the calc where you make it 2x cost... REMEMBER its Mysterious SS, NOT regular!
  12. Heavenly scrolls.. 100% success using hero coins to purchase in NCShop.. or find in game from ppl selling.
  13. and in these examples shows.. you should get more than x2 m.attack to make it a better choice.. 5% skill pwr > 10% m.attack.. this is the reason for the examples. Give you a close comparison whenever you have choices.. personally i rank m.crit dmg > skill pwr > attribute > m.atk
  14. you actually arguing against yourself if 1% skill power is better than 1% m.atk, then priority SHOULD be skill power. Arguing what TOP is.. is just sooo wrong. That just mean once you reach top skill power.. you can reach further with m.attack!
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