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Hallo guys, 

As I seen people still keep asking about this class on forum and on pm in game I would like to share my opinion about Tyr Grand Khavatari  and my experience in the past few years. 
I had tested many options for Khavatari tbh. But all what I can say is go to normal critical dmg! Specially if you wearing Krishna weapon. I checked all of kind SA and augmentations and believe me skill critical dmg is waste of time for Grand Khavatari. Situation can be different if you are wearing dragon weapon, but you have to remember that:  Dragon weapon don’t have option for normal critical dmg and your attack speed and crit rate is a keyKrishna weapon will give you more normal critical dmg output from SA and augment than dragon weapon! DW can be useful only for skill power critical dmg. Tyr Grand Khavatari attack speed and critical rate is amazing! Casted skills i wasted time and miss opportunities for few normal critical hits in this same time what would give me more dmg output on the target than using skill. For some people problem can be AOE specially if you looking party for daylies instance like FOS . They might think you will not do good dmg  and they can look for specific AOE class but don’t worry about that, looks like this game players never had good Khavatari in party 🙂. This class is not even rich with AOE skills and reuse is pretty sad ( three AOE skills witch sonic star is the best ). 
I’m sure most of you guys want  to know what to actually invest for Tyr Grand Khavatari… well as game is p2w it will be up to your credit card I think. But I can give you some tips: 

• Krishna weapon fighters:

( Normal Critical Dmg SA and AUGMENT ).

• Light stet +10 :

( augment: attribute dmg, if you are not lucky keep p. attack if you get it ).

• Jewels, talismans, dye, gems ect. 
( This is expensive part and make sure you choose things thinking about critical dmg and p. attack ).

• Skills enchantment 

( don’t use many but have most of them for power, penalty and time. In macro i use only JUMP. In party I put extra sonic star if it will be useful and that’s all ). 

I hope some of this information will be helpful for anyone of you who enjoy or want to play Tyr Grand Khavatari! 

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