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Fast tutorial:

Lv105 Go to Aden Village. Check npc "Karina and npc "venusta. These npc have dayli instance zones 1 per day. 

Karina is Castilla instance Solo, easy to do give you exp and box with buff

Venusta npc is party members instance dayli 1 per day. Have instance called baylor, kamaloka, Gludio ashen...... U need pt or strong player to do.

Lv105 u be able to Port at Imperial Tomb(IT), Its 1 hour zone, have tô kill 150 mobs tô do Quest, its 1 per day and delivery Quest at Goddard Village Its good XP.... BUUUUT i cant do Alone, need pt because mobs are strongs for low level and gear


Check npc "Lionel at Heine Village have exalted Quest, need kill ALOT of mob but is important Quest

Dont know ur class. Try to Farm Alone at open map zones, check teleport screen to see level of the área. U are New soo i think u dont have gear obviously, soo try to First Farm at level u can survive. Maybe belleth 102 lv at Gludio Village

Try to do olympiad at Friday and saturday to do superior Codex (check oly npc) and makes some adena, maybe this is the best u can do without buying ncoin or adena/itens from "Black market" (maybe i got ban to say this but... Who cares? XD)

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