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Adding back/upgrade old areas


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One of the staple areas in L2 was the Catacombs. It was a sad day when they were closed. they need to be reopened and adjusted to the avg. lvls of players.
There is a HUGE amount of real estate that has Zero, nothing in it, wasted.  Why cant these areas have something new for players?
We have Daily's each day, then 2 or 3 areas to pick to Macro. Each day rinse and repeat.  These closed/old areas would be cool to revisit.

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Unfortunately this has been brought up many times

You go cata and necors

Forgotten temple

Abandoned Camp

Cruma Tower itself (only swamp was redone)

Forgotton Plains

Giants Cave

Outlaw Forest / Bandit Stronghold

Monastery of Silence'

Pagan's Temple

All of Dwarf lands (except coal mines)


I know in next update execution grounds is revived again.

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