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WTS/B some goodies!


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Jewels (All are sealed): 
  • Garnet Lv4 16b
  • Ruby Lvl4 16b
  • Diamond Lvl4 15b
  • Pearl Lvl4 15b
  • Saphire Lvl3 2b
Other Items: 
  • +15 Dark Caster Lvl 8 Crystals Mystic/HP Mystic 300 Wind Sigel Sacredium App, (Currently I have it at 93b in AH, if we do live i can do 90b which is the AH fee cost).
  • R99 +9 Bloody LA Set Full Ele Draconic LA App 35b
  • Red Star Bottle 4b
  • Purple R99 Ticket 10b
Please offer on: 
  • +15 Aden Cloak -10 Pvp Dmg Aug
Would trade for:
  • Tanzanite/Eme/Blue Cat/Obsidian Boxes (valued @180m ea)
  • Artifact fragments (valued @170m ea)
  • WTT +4 Radiant Circlet of Foresight & adena for +5 Radiant Circlet of Foresight. (FYI: Not selling the +4 until I get a +5).

If you want to offer other trades let me know, we'll see what u got and we can figure something out, just mind I won't receive multiple items as payment.

Contact me in game: "Itillien by mail or PM.
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