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  1. Trade scams are not new, they are very old. Always check twice before you click accept.
  2. Yep, open a ticket and they will review. Not spend the crystals nor sell them keep them in inventory. But this is not new, this has existed from a long time ago.
  3. Not true, it's once per account not per weapon and it's intended to "save" people who made honest mistakes.
  4. ....really? i guess our raids cc's with 200+ people has 1/2 bots then... damm I never noticed it, they look so...... real......
  5. Forums are regularly used for personal attacks, insults and uninformed opinions. I have never used my forum alter ego to covertly attack others, all I do and say is out in the open. So I created this post so I, and anyone else who believes in "walking the talk", can show everyone else that we have nothing to hide, so this is who I am: Current server and main character: Talking Island > Ossie (Alts Valar & Kinvara). Current member of Dinasty. Former server and main character: Bartz > Chronos > Naia - Itillien (Main Alt Oestemnet). Former member of multiple clans but last
  6. Do we have Lvl 75 RB's in game at the moment?, which? (this is an honest question, I do not know this).
  7. "...First of all to make things clear, I have already quit...", posted nov 4th, one month latter comes back to post more nonsense... leave already, most of the problems on this post are solved, theres is still an issue with adena but things are not bad at all and FYI there's no more queue so bye Felicia.
  8. + Same experience here. I have used both the "bot button" in game and sent screenshots and videos via support tickets to report bots. I am careful to test if a bot is a bot first, (there are multiple and simple ways to do it), and I have never gotten a single warning nor a problem, all I have had have been responses stating something like "thank you for helping us build a better community". My clan is a populated level 3, (we barely have slots maybe 1 or 2 left), and we also have an affiliated clan that's also full, if this random ban problem was real, one would think that even if I have
  9. Oeste


    I guess it would be of use to your potential customers if you inform them on which server you're offering your services.
  10. Ncwest is a fully owned subsidiary of Ncsoft, they never bought anything. The main problem with NCwest is that being a fully owned subsidiary its staff has little to no say on corporate decisions over this market. The reason why Innova's model is different is because they are not a subsidiary and did indeed purchase the rights to exploit the game over a geography, this gives them a say on how they want to exploit the market they have the rights too. Blade and Soul was the last title for NCwest? they why did they launch and failed on MxM?. If NCwest was left to manage the market by themse
  11. well i was told there are at least 2 new stage 1 bows in naia now on Max's side, but dunno I only log in to sell my stuff so....
  12. Price of a stage 1 dragon weapon in the live servers is about what now? 1.5 Trillion adena or more or less Usd 9k? I lost track of the market in live servers in the past 2 months. The dragon weapon event was the tip of the iceberg for me and yet, I hear there are more and more stage 1's in both servers now.... Servers might be "dead" but some people keep pouring money into them...
  13. Not gonna happen man and you know this... sorry. People have calling for boicots on the live servers every time a new promo comes on: jewels, cloaks, shirts, etc... but come day 1 of the promo and you see everyone trading the newest end gear item. If they do this right, they can make it so the items they add to the store are useful enough to be purchased AND they don't affect game balance significantly. For example, I understand Pk scrolls have a 1 day cooldown (please confirm), this would be good cause then they would not allow a big wallet to go on Pk rampage with no consequence, it basicall
  14. U don't really need confirmation from them, come on!, just go to giran and check the stores already there. If you can put it in a store u can trade it in any other form.
  15. That's what they should have done long time ago, an adena token in store would rid the server from bots and RMT spammers... there's no other option they can implement as they are too cheap as to hire people to monitor the servers live. The logic is simple: 1. Adena drop rate is f beyond recognition, there is no way the vast majority can get enough adena to cover "living expenses" and gear up, this has been true in the live servers for years and it's true now in the classic servers. 2. In the Live servers NC has always tolerated the trading of Ncoin items for adena, some CM's whose n
  16. No, I am not Mixa. What other response do you expect to your absurd post? when you use your brain to post something intelligent you can ask for a proper answer, else expect to be treated like a child throwing a tantrum. this thread should be locked imo as the OP's problem was resolved.
  17. sorry? i did not understand past the "how", the rest was blah, blah, blah, blah...
  18. I havent done a quest for adena since week 2 of the server.... I did farm spiders and orc quest until i had enough for top NG gear, took me about 15 hours in total.
  19. Since they "fixed" the spider quest I am not sure it's a true adena source anymore, the other quest u can do is the orc quest where u get 5-6k as reward, but u need to roll an orc specifically for that one and it's boring... Once you have the right char for that one, it takes you more or less the same time the spider quest used to take to complete.
  20. I don't really care for the forums much, but I don't think there was anything political in my answer (including legislative issues), if there was and I am banned temporarily from the forums well I don't mind it. I will speak my mind in a respectful manner about any topic that catches my interest, if that's a bannable offense, ok I can live with that, thanks for the tip though.
  21. I know you are, but this is not common and therefore not something everyone should expect. Thing is, most people want "instant gratification", there is no such thing in this F2P offering, heck not even in the P2W offering!. It will take a lot of resources, (time, energy, money, etc.. depending on the situation F2P or P2W), or luck to get there, this should not be the expectation. Your and some cases are the "exceptions that confirm the rule" not the average.
  22. Simple answer: because the rule you are describing is applicable only to formal judicial systems. This is not a court of law that is bound by a regulatory body that obliges them to act in a certain way, this is a private service provided by a private company so you don't have that right. That legal principle is usually only applicable to judicial bodies when dealing with criminal activities. In any other matters, for example when dealing with private disputes there is no such pre-requisite because it is not needed. When dealing with civil or commercial disputes, the burden of proof will fall
  23. Life and conditions change, back in c2 I was able to grind 12+ hours non stop at Cruma, today I fall assleep in my chair if I go past 11:00. Nothing to be ashamed of, the question is do you love the game? if you do, play, enjoy it under the conditions you can enjoy it based on your current lifestyle. You don't need to be a whale not need to be au pair with the whales, that train of thought is toxic for you and will only lead to frustration.
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