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  1. I don't agree with Mixa most of the time, but he's also been here long enough to know this, hear him out. Instead of cautionary tales on how you got banned while innocent, listen before you act and if you do act then face the consequences of your actions. Be smart about it!!!!!.
  2. How do you know this? Because cheaters are always liars, man up and face the consequence of your actions, if you go into the review process claiming innocence while you know this is not the case will not resolve the situation. Best to be straight forward admit your guilt and ask for a second chance (of course taking the penalty they give you). Did NCSOFT share this information personally with you? They don't need to, been playing for 15 years, there are hundreds of cases just like yours claiming innocence while knowing that you did commit the fault. In the very rare situations where they ban someone by mistake, they have had lifted the ban, I also know a few cases like those. Did you create their flawless software? Lol, no, the same way you did not create the flawless bot that got you banned. So stop pulling shit out of your ass kid I'm far from a kid, but I can tell you this, there are two places you can deal with this, one is via the formal review process where you might get a result and the second is in the forums, where there will be no result and all you will get is oppinion of people who, like me, may or may not believe your lame excuses. So if you don't want to hear oppinions, don't come argue your case in front of the community. and wait your ban Why should I? I don't bot, this is the same account I have held for 15 years. I was here on prelude, same account, same char name on different servers, etc... never been banned simple because I don't break the rules, easy like that. claiming its alright that innocent people have to go through this bullshit and wait weeks to get their accounts back is cynical and retarded It is what it is, I don't make the process and neither do you, do you think it's BS to follow the process? easy, don't do it, just move on and go someplace else. If you care enough about your precious 1 month old account then follow the process to it's end, but this is not the place to do it. point of these posts is not for some forum moderator to give accounts back, but to raise awareness and warn people about NCsoft bullshit One would have to wonder if this is even necessary, we all know the rules, it's under our own risk to break them or not. We don't need cautionary tales for that. of course it doesn't work for people with IQ lesser than their shoe size, but it might reach some Ah!, it's a shame that the hundreds of posts similar to this, many of which are on the old forums which you can find easily by using google, (they are archived here: http://l2archive.d3v.me.uk/), did not reach you, I guess your feet must be quite petite... Have a wonderful start of the day, Oh!, right sorry, you're still banned!.
  3. The adena selling problem would be insta-fixed if you sold an adena token in the L2 Store that you could go sell to a shop and get adenas. Adena sales have been up for as long as the game has existed, nothing you have done in 15 years has solved the issue and you are just creating the secondary market by not addressing it directly. There is clearly a demand for adena as there would be no sellers if there were no buyers. Sell adena and the use the ban hammer in whomever wants to undersell you.
  4. If they banned you is because you were either botting, had been botting in the past or have been extensive time in a party where someone is botting (aka receiving powerleveling services). It's not random, the vast majority of the people who come cry are just faking innocence. The process is long and might take up to 2 months so suck it up and keep with your support thread there's no other way, certainly no way to solve it here in the forums. If you are saying the truth you will get your account back eventually.
  5. An Update on Greater Dyes

    One will be mine, you can be sure about that.
  6. An Update on Greater Dyes

    This is the right way to go, dyes break the game as much as other overpowered items. Keep it this way, it's for the best.
  7. Well, the end is near... I am almost done cleaning up my WH, here's the remaining items: Consumables (they can go as pack 2.5b for all): Int Chilli Stew 168 Pcs Int Cream Stew 194 Pcs Wit Chilli Stew 742 Pcs Wit Cream Stew 777 Pcs Entrance Pass Embryo 50 Pcs Minion Coupon 5 hr 30 Pcs Eva's Circlet Pack 3 Day 10 pcs Unsealed Jewels each 500m pay 1 and get 1 free, remember you pay the powders: Amethyst Level 3, 1 pc Cat's Eye Level 4, 1 pc Diamond Level 3, 2 pcs Emerald Level 3, 2 Pcs Opal Level 3, 1 Pc Pearl Level 2, 1 Pc Ruby Level 3, 1 Pc Price 1.5b: Longing Talisman, 1 Pcs Price 2.5b: Pearl Level 4 Gear (Buy a set a get a free belt!). +6 Blessed TW LA Set FE Military App +8 Blessed Seraph LA Set FE Military App Cha + Patk Racoon Ears 1 Pc Pvp Belt (Magic Ornament) 1 Pc Pvp Belt (Special Ornament) 1 Pc Help me close this L2 Life Chapter!, thanks all!.
  8. Giveaway 20b

    hmmm nice....
  9. Giveaway 20b

    Lol! yeah!, because no one can teleport faster than you, that got the gift of speed from Hermes, (for all you mortals 300 speed can only be achieved by the gift of gods) and your horse was given to you by Zeus himself who picked a mare that is direct descendant from Pegasus itself so none can outrun it, Lol!... And I just noticed your name is SLOU (SLOW... get it!?)... some people.
  10. WTT Adena, Top d 2h Sword - Claymore

    WTT Adena... explain yourself please....
  11. Enchant weapon or dyed?

    anything else above +5 will cause it to be FUBAR, +1 leave it as is, this will start creating gaps between players beyond level which at a latter stage they wont be able to bridge, leave it alone, is fine as is.
  12. Enchant weapon or dyed?

    It's not broken, u could not pass stats +5 on C1-C2, Imo that was better than the +15 stats we have on live servers.
  13. Help a fellow player say goodbye to Chronos for once and for all as he transitions to Naia & Talking Island!!!. Assorted items: Consumables buy specific items or buy it all for 5b!!: Aria's Life Stone 31 Pcs Air Stones 300,000 Pcs Blessed High Grade Lucky Enchant Stone Armor (R-grade) 10 Pcs Blessed High Grade Lucky Enchant Stone Weapon (R-Grade) 23 Pcs Codex Chapt. 1 Superior Discipline Codex 1 Pc Codex Discipline 6 pcs Con Chilli Stew 733 Pcs Con Cream Stew 779 Pcs Dark Eternal Stone Frag 1 pc Demonic Tome 85 pcs Dex Chilli Stew 457 Pcs Dex Cream Stew 530 Pcs Emperor's Dessert (Attack) 3 Pcs Freya CHA Pot (Cat) 9 Pcs Freya CHA Pot (Panda) 35 Pcs Freya's Recovery Potion 54 Pcs High Grade Lucky Enchant Stone (R - Grade) 1 Int Chilli Stew 168 Pcs Int Cream Stew 194 Pcs Kaliel Annihilation 5 pcs Kaliel Hellfire 4 pcs Mochi 3 pcs Rune of Feather 2 pcs Scroll Blessing Armor R Grade 13 pcs Radiant Frag 30 pcs Str Chilli Stew 355 Pcs Str Cream Stew 333 Pcs Wit Chilli Stew 742 Pcs Wit Cream Stew 777 Pcs This is more than 5k stews and other various items!, if you buy the pack and you will get free: 6 Pieces fisherman’s blessing, 1 piece Fancy Fishing Rod and 1 L55 Dragon Buggle No Name + 1 surprise item!!!!. Other items sold separately (not part of the pack): Entrance Pass Embryo 53 Pcs Minion Coupon 5 hr 30 Pcs Wit +5 Cha +5 5 Pcs XP Rune IV 100% 7 Day 1-99 1 pc Eva's Circlet Pack 3 Day 10 pcs Expertise Rune R99 2 pcs Leg Cha Dye Pack 1 pcs Jewels and unsealed items (U seal) 250m per piece: Amethyst Level 3, 1 pc Cat's Eye Level 4, 1 pc Diamond Level 3, 2 pcs Emerald Level 3, 2 Pcs Opal Level 3, 1 Pc Pearl Level 2, 1 Pc Ruby Level 3, 1 Pc 1.5b per piece: Longing Talisman, 2 Pcs 2b per piece: Pearl Level 4 OR buy the whole lot for 4b!!!!! Gear +12 Blessed Specter Fighter Speed 3SA Fire 7 MP Fire 7 Tyrr FE Icarus Hand App +12 Blessed Specter Thrower 2SA Fire/speed Fire 6 FE +6 Blessed TW LA Set FE Military App +8 Blessed Seraph LA Set FE Military App Abundance Tali L1, 2 pcs Anakim Tali 1 pc Baium Soul Ring +5 1 pc Blessed Freya Neck 1 pc Blessed Zaken Earring 1 Pc Cha + Patk Racoon Ears 1 Pc Earth Wyrm Ring +6 1 pc Frint Soul Neck +4 1 Pc Lilith Tali 1 Pc Octavis Ring Warrior +6 1 Pc Octavis Shirt +4 1 Pc Orfen Soul Earring 1 Pc Orfen Soul Earring +6 1 Pc Pvp Belt (Magic Ornament) 1 Pc Pvp Belt (Special Ornament) 1 Pc Tauti's Bracelet 1 Pc Venir's Tali Level 10 1 Pc Venir's Tali Level 14 1 Pc
  14. Full Warehouse Cleanup!

  15. 2 days... TWO DAYS!!!

    move to the new server...