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  1. So to take advantage of the whole promo u need: 14x 2000 Ncoin = 28k Ncoin = Usd 350 14x 8000 Lcoin = 112k Lcoin = Usd 350 This is Usd 700 in 14 days, gg. Welcome to truly P2W L2 Aden The real issue is this is just starting, not going to stop, many should start questioning themselves, can I afford to play this "game"?. Another thing that is plain BS, is to make all these items imprint, but that's a whole other story.
  2. Baby wolves are absolutely cute! so I want one of those!
  3. @Sunshine While the situation is not as bad as it was, the servers are heavy status all the time which creates lag spikes at times and random disconnects. Also the queue is bad, if I am Xp'ing somewhere and get a disconect I need to wait 20+ minutes to relog.... I believe the server is stable now, is it time to open the promised third server?. Oppening this third server will take some of the bang away from Innova's 2 new servers (which I haven't found the source of such rumour but it persists). Thanks
  4. if there is no attendance event, at least make a very cheap (say 2k Lcoin) package that will contain the items given in the attendance event. I am in doubt about creating new chars because I know they won't get the benefits.
  5. I assume the weapon you are referring to is an "Aden" weapon, this weapon is intended to "grow" as you do, so this is why you get enchants which can fail but the weapon will not blow up. I also don't know if you have noticed that there is an attendance check going on and will last for the next 2 weeks at least. Well, suppose you create a toon today, with your attendance check you will get a +4 full set of armor on week 1 and a random +4 to +15 weapon ticker by week two (they are actually 2 tickets). So this is the best, easiest and free way of getting the items you asked for.
  6. @Sunshine@Juji sorry not to open a new thread but for some reason my account is locked from doing so (already submitter a ticket to support for review), anyway, kindly consider bringing back some items to the store as part of the Aden Launch celebrations, specifically Crystals of Dawn and the Vitality Pack would be awesome, some of us were not able to buy on time (in my case I am a returning player being absent 2 years and had multiple issues with my account being able to purchase NCoin, I got back a few days before the store changed), and a little boost in sales would not hurt you, would it?. Thanks for considering.
  7. Dude the launch date is August 11th (next wednesday) you can't download it, because it has not been launched yet...
  8. Very Positive: Fortresses were originally introduced in the Kamael update, at that point the characters had a maximum level of 80. To take a fortress back then you needed at least 2-3 parties of relatively "high level" (70-75 average). As time went by and characters became more powerful, fortresses were never updated. This update solely brings the fortress to their original level, it requieres 2-3 well organized parties of relatively high level (100-101 average) to take one, it makes the fort raid a good exercise of clan organization and can be achieved by mid level clans which was their intended purpose to begin with. I can see how this is more difficult in this age of non-effort instance zone mentality, but it does bring back a challenge of old L2 which is a positive thing. The same goes for raid bosses, these were never intended to be soloed, the fact that you could showed how flawed they were. Positive: PVE changes Negative: Clan changes made the clan system a mess, the cap on the clan missions is non-sense. Is the intention never to allow clans to reach level 12?. Very Negative: To remove game features because you want to milk the cow, and I am talking about drops, adena and of course the clan cloaks. I'm ok if you remove all drops from every single xp zone, instance except for the big bosses that give unique rewards and replace all drops with adena. But you have dried the economy way too much you need to put adena back in the server, DEFLATION IS AS BAD AS INFLATION, specially if deflation only happens in some aspects of the overall economy while other prices remain stable (the ones on NPC stores). Extremely Negative: That there is so little interest in the game that even paid services are poorly planned and executed. Examples: The packs that provide drop runes, (come on we pay for drop runes and then you remove all drops from the game... you have to be kidding me). The individual fame scrolls which are now useless because you replaced the whole fame system in the new update. These necessary changes had to be considered BEFORE the patch not weeks and weeks after, while you request the players to "hold on to your fame scrolls while we figure out what to do about them...". We deserve more respect than that.
  9. The daily coin change is terrible, you need to roll that back
  10. @Miso started this thread in the old forums, some things may not work anymore in the new update but most should. This was a good thread that went on for a while and I thought valuable to rescue it, the name of the contributor is posted on the list to give credit where it's due. By all means let's keep this list growing and helpful for all the players: (Miso): When clicking bulk items to sell, mail or trade; did you know you can PRESS and HOLD + CONTROL button? This will move the whole stack of that particular item you’re dealing with. Saves a lot of time when organizing warehouse especially. (Skylarking): one can't make blessed antharas/valakas by blessing it with a Scroll of Blessing (R-Grade) as you can do with an armor. Rumors say, that in order to make these jewels blessed, one has to gather 10 soul bottles for each unit. (Araoncro): Killing Istina spawns an npc that gives you 1 Gem R. (Oeste): You can't augment boss jewels with accessory augmentation stones no matter the level, you need an Aria stone for that. You don't need to buy Aria's stones either: when you do your daily K99 don't forget to visit the Hunter's Guild rep by the church and take the quest there, the quest will give you HG faction points (100 of them) for doing K99. As you level up your faction you will be able to buy items from the Hunter's Guild directly, among these are Aria stones. You will need raid points to buy these items so do join any raids you can so you have enough points for these and the special bracelets that give +5 on a stat of your choosing. (Cmquake): If you want to reorganize the party window press & hold the ALT key then click on the party member and move the selected member up/down. (Miso): When doing Baylor, have ISS spam sonata before the intro scene begins, this skips the same repeated ungodly introduction and saves you 15 seconds of your precious time. Time is our most precious commodity. (Cathenvy): Page up gives you more view when you scroll out!. (Kissthis): ALT+L - Resets Window Locations and ALT+P - Lowers Details for high traffic areas. (Jagtiger): You don't need to spend money in this game to enjoy it Find friends to play it with and just enjoy it at your own phase. (Znippo): Being able to use skills such as Phoenix arrow, Poison zone & shadow snare in the same spot all the time, without having to drag your mouse there. Choose the location where you want to aim, simply use the skill normally at that spot. Make a macro, with nothing but the skill in it. Now when you click that macro, you will use the skill automatically in that spot, re-select the spot by changing location with skill manually again. You may only hit flagged people with AOE skills, for example if someone uses hide/fake death while having a *white name do not waste your time trying to AOE them, it wont work. Flash skill from Yul will also not trigger if your enemy has a WHITE name, as this is an AOE skill aswell. *Battleground effect is different. Using AOE attacks on NPCs (including traps from Yul) will never hit an enemy player whether he is flagged or not, so don’t waste your time trying to break someone’s hide, or hitting them while being untargeted by doing that. Use your tank (or strong healer) to break hide of enemy’s by AOE’ing them, also works good to damage while they are untargetable (i.e. disparition), just dont hurt your friends too much. Position your back against a wall quickly by running up to the wall, change your camera angle (in the position of which you want to turn) and click the "BACK" arrow key, this will make your character turn to the location you're looking at while staying at the same location (the wall), avoid those annoying backstabbing othells. Fighting Sayha Seer? Take notice of their hide skill, the one with an actual animation teleports them ~600 range to the back, quickly AOE/Flare that location to break their hide. Use "Auto hotkey", AHK for short, to re-pogram your mouse/keyboard keys, i.e changing your keys so that ALT has the effect of CTRL and vice versa, any combination you can think of. Can also be used to make macros if you do not own a keyboard/mouse with macro buttons, i.e holding down CTRL key to make PvP’ing easier. Use your head and do not make a macro that is against the rules. Reference point: http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=217291 (Audric): AHK is infamous for getting people banned in various MMOs (with refusal to unban), even in those cases where the MMO GMs themselves repeatedly state that using AHK is fine, or AHK is fine as long as 1 input is one action. The key thing when using AHK is not only to limit one input to one action, as Znippo suggested, it is to additinally limit THE AMOUNT of macros you use at a time. People who use AHK tend to setup more and more convenient keyboard shortcuts (even if one shortcut = one action), which seems to be where GMs draw the line. Doesn't matter that you submit your ban appeal in less than 5 minutes after you are banned (namely, you were not AFK). (Znippo): Adena? Farm Zaken & Freya on alt chars, sell drops in either AH or NPC. Farm Ceremony of Chaos AFK with as many chars as you can, each match is worth a few hundred thousand adena and requires no work. Make your alts noblesse, and farm Olympiad with them for the 10-match participation fee, Simply do 10 matches, at the 1st day of next month you can calculate your points at Olympiad NPC to get some free Marks of Battle, save those until you can buy the giant codex. Dont forget to do the Olympiad quest for free giants energy (2x giants energy per 10 matches, is a daily quest so you can finish this one on both Friday & Saturday for 4x GE (22m adena) for little to no work. Key locations for leveling up fast/easily to 99 if you do not have someone to power level you; 85> 88~90: Harnak 88~90> 95 (Depending on gear/class): Fairy Settlement, more specific this spot; https://i.imgur.com/lTWc4YN.jpg break the Cocoons by hitting them with skills/normal attacks by holding CTRL, AOE away. 95> 99: *Nornils cave (aka Boz Core), near kamael village *Alternatively Hellbound if you can handle the monsters near beleths magic circle. PvP’ing in Parnassus or similar? Turn your graphics up. The effects of talismans (longing etc) will activate once people leave their hide skills or login, this effect is visible through walls so you will be able to spot if someone is going out of hide. Farming specific CC bosses (wealthy, armed etc)? Simply PR and re-enter the instance if it is the wrong raid, the instance will reset and you can re-enter and try your luck again. Trying to farm a specific raid (Michaela? Kechi? Veridan?) But unsure if you should make party?: Just enter the house in Parnassus, take the quest from him, the NPC wil automatically give you the quest to the specific instance zone, which is active at that moment. Steam Corridor = Kechi Emerald Square = Veridan Coral Garden = Michaela Simply abandon the quest if it is the wrong instance zone, and try again in an hour or two. (Cmquake): on this last point, You don't need to take the quest to figure out which instance is active. Just walk up to the CC entrance and "ask" the portal. It will tell you what's on. And you don't really need to abandon any of the quests if you have taken them since you can have all three active at any time (unless you're near the limit). (Znippo): Yul; Flash only works within low range of enemy/mobs; if you use it far away it has no effect. If PvPing someone, rather than using it when near your enemy use it near a monster before your enemy has a chance to come close. Flash will not work if your enemy has a WHITE name. Yul/Feoh, using a keyboard with macro functions?: Program a macro to hold down "back" arrow key for half a second to reposition you, while also clicking the F button for "Quick evasion" or ""Magical Evasion" to teleport yourself to the front rather than the back. Same thing can be used for Sayha seer hide skill. Or simply use your mouse to reposition yourself, whatever you're more comfortable with. Is not against the rules as seen here: http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=217291 Othell; While fake death, while standing up open a buy/sell/workshop window to be able to move your character instantly. Normally the skill has a 1-2 second delay before being able to move. Othell/Tyrr; Use your skills to your advantage when running towards/away from someone; jump on monsters with your skills (Slow jump, shadow chase etc) to reach target point faster. (Akeks2): If you want to overhit just hold the control or shift down and do only skills this stops your auto attacks. (Hlasnieves1): press both mouse buttons and keep them pressed to move your character by moving the same to go to the place you want without the need to place the cursor and press the right button to go to that place (Goodguy): Quest "10 Days Adventure" give usefull items: Talisman - Destruction, Shirt and Brooch. To upgrade Talisman need Giant Energy and Destruction Energy. Destruction Energy you can get by killing mobs in field. 2 per day. It made in 10 minutes. Giant Energy is reward for "Olympiad Starter" quest. Make 10 batttles, finish quest - 2 GE. Relog to another char. repeat. (Quenia): Shift + skill / click makes u stay in the same position (macro /useskillstand + name of skill). Usefull for Healers / Range DDs so they do not auto move when out of range. /target %servitor1 (or 2) a very useful macro for wynns that allows u to make cool combos with Replace skills. Alt + click + move on party window rearrange the order of party members. /target %party1 (or 2,3,...) can simplify ur gameplay. If u play iss for example u can put heal on 1st or last party slot and create a macro and use angel w/o ever targeting heal from pt window.... Towns with light castle have lower taxes. So u can buy groceries (soul / spirit stones) cheaper and u can sell ur elc/key mats or w/e at better price. If no light castle around go HB grocery and fight the powah! Gemstones R (S and A as well) are sold by Merchant of Mammon. Check the price and don't let any1 fool ya Macro ur skills to avoid annoying repeated text. Create a macro /useskill SkillX and get rid of useless System Message cooldown. Class change on full inventory. If u want to switch between main / dual and ur inventory is kinda full and u are already out of town in a random pt, so u cant mail, do the following: -Trade a party member. -Move as many items as u want in exchange window. -DO NOT CONFIRM! *(unless I am in the other side of the window) -Use Class Change while exchange window is open and ur items are in there. -Cancel the trade and u are rdy to go! (Miso): Enchantment of weapons up to +7 (R grade and higher on PHYSICAL weapons, not mage) has around 50-60% success rate. Starting +7 and up has about 25-35% chance of success. This probability estimate is purely based on my experience and should be pretty darn accurate. No LUC pops were accounted for this estimate. (Oeste): If you got a weapon with an SA you don't like, you can switch the SA at the blacksmith again and it will only cost you 136 Gemstone R + the crystal replacement, that way if you see a very nice weapon that has the wrong SA's for a low price, just get it and fix the SA's yourself. The only other cost involved would be that of the crystal replacement and the Gemstone R. Any 2 SA weapon is worth doing the with as the original owner already took the punch of putting the 2nd SA in. This is also helpful if you have an SA lvl 5 and somehow you get your hands on a nicer crystal. (Goodguy): For finishing Kartia you can get Attribute Crystal. So, do it all time. (DominoD): Do the quest "A special order" starting in Giran grocer (npc Helvetia) for Wondrous cubic. You need to have an elcyum crystal. Open daily for rewards. (Miso): When selling (scrapping) random items to NPC, find a castle town with 0% tax rate, you will get the maximum sell value of the items. Also if you seek blacksmith mammon to upgrade elcyum powders to elcyum crystal, search to see if Aden, Giran or Rune castle is tax free by the oppupying clan. This way, you won’t have to pay 12m adena each time to upgrade the crystals (Goodguy): Little adena daily quests “Lucien's Altar” 80+ Daichir Schuttgart 742,800 adena; “Grave Robber Rescue” 80+ Kanemika Mithril Mine 371,400 adena. (Ultear): ALT+H Hide all Windows, for nice Screenshots.
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