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    Well carry them!, if this is about doing dailies then a well geared trio or quartet (Healer, Tank, Dd, Dd) can carry 3 lower - no gear toons through Altar, AF (both field and instance), k99, Tavern, Helios, Cc, Bay, Balok, Elven, etc... helping lower levels to have some fun might encourage them to invest a little in the minimum gear so next time they can contribute some. Of course I would not do that for a serious Elven or SoS Xp session but for all the rest np, if we have at least those 4 from our CP we'll take whomever. Doing anything but Altar (and even that has a big ??? on it) is a waste of time for us in terms of Xp anyways, we mostly do it to changes scenarios, get some drops (agathion and masks pieces) and for the faction points (not that we need them anymore). If you are not as geared as you say you are, then you need to find a constant base party that can run the course succesfully and leave the remaining spots for lower levels. But if we don't do anything but complain about the player base, then L2 will certainly die faster than anticipated.
  2. Feoh Storm Screamer

    well on that class none, besides with the newest patch old skills can't be "mixed" with new ones, either u use one or the other.
  3. come on open the service already i need to go back to chronos.... servers are dead (both of them are) anyway no point in keeping people tied up where they don't want to be.
  4. ++ 99 should be fairly easy...
  5. How is it impossible?, it is the simplest thing....
  6. Abundance talismans event

    i saw one selling in aden two days ago for 4b
  7. u can get that as a quest reward from the lowbie quests series of adventure guild
  8. WTS/B some goodies!

  9. WTS/B some goodies!

  10. Awakening Buff Changes

    You say you pay a lot of attention to detail and yet you missed to notice these buffs we're going away?; This is something the vast majority of people who do pay attention have known for months now. First time I heard about this was like 6 months ago!. Come on!, this was a long time coming!, it's part of the evolution of the game (for better or worst), it won't be rolled back!. NCWest can't dictate this, it comes straight from the mothership, they don't have a say on it!. TBH being an ISS is boring as heck, so yeah kill all buff skills and give everyone a single auto-buff that gives all u need or even better incorporate a growth system where u win passives that replace buffs as you work your way up, then kill the ISS class altogether and introduce at least 2 new classes to replace ISS, maybe Gunslinger, (I know this class or something like it is in the works in Korea for male Ertheia's), and something else. Then give all current ISS owners a change to swap to any class for free respecting skill enchant levels and provide a one time gear trading service, sigh... this won't happen either.
  11. forts

    They have always been very hard to take, but a couple of parties should be able to, just need to figure out the required strategy. There are multiple how to videos, I guess your problem is the Captain (don't recall the name, been ages since i've played a fort raid) that spawns endless minions. There are multiple guides online to solve that problem.
  12. Awakening Buff Changes

    OMG, I can't believe it!, put in your work and stop complaining!, I don't like these changes either but come on!. I basically solo'ed to 102 with the old XP tables with pure grind (no macros at all) so wtf... We have known for very long that the old buffs were going to be eliminated, so this is a clear case of "I told you so". Xp tables were reduced dramatically for those levels, it was already easy to get 101 and now it's even easier... It used to be 144 T XP for those levels, now it's 77 T to get them, so basically half of what I had to do multiple times for my toons both in main and dual class. There are multiple differences in classes, I could tell you what they are for both ISS and Feoh of which I have played both to 105 and now will play to 110 but I want, if you can't appreciate those differences is because you're not paying enough attention to details.
  13. Hotfix Maintenance: Monday, August 20, 2018

    wont let me log in to either chronos or naia, it will go to the server selection screen and it will stay there no matter how much i click on either server... nice