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Database for Drop and Spoil


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On 12/24/2022 at 12:46 PM, LuisMenethil said:

Hello guys. I would like to know which site has the most faithful drop and spoil database to the current version of the game? I'm wanting to craft some things but I don't know what to use as a reference. 😅

NCsoft not supporting officially such database. Why? Nobody knows! :D

This is one more disadvantage of playing their games. 

Unfortunately, you have to use Google.

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18 hours ago, LuisMenethil said:

Thanks, friend.

the only one is the Russian Legacy (classic) wiki. that is about 95% accurate but you need to google translate the page and you cant really search just browse

or you need to use google translate the item name to Russian to search

and the names are not 100% accurate because of the translation

Assignment tab = Spoil Rate

Trophies = Drop



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