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Where do I get dyes from? Those lvl3 are expensive to buy on trading. Anything anywhere to buy from NPC? Leveling them?.. sorry if it's a stupid question... and then once on you keep improving them which again is expensive, any guides there? And the last for Dominator what do you go for? INT or WIT? 


















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You either buy them during some Events, buy from Market, or buy lvl-0 dye for 16mil adena and lvl it up yourself when you get or buy some powder.  There's no other way around that. 

I went all WIT till i reach 50 WIT.

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A lot lol. You need to gather a lot of Stat items, like Blessed Dragon Belt, Venir talisman, Baiuim talisman etc xD


Lvl 0 dyes you can buy at the Grocer. NPC next to the rest of NPCs (warehouse, pet manager etc)  in each city

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