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On 2/3/2023 at 3:26 PM, Opi said:

Can you tell me which page use to see % drops and spoil? Thanks

L2pmfun isn´t update and l2wiki not work :(

I´m spanish...sorry for my english

the only remotely accurate is the L2wiki in Russia then go to lineage 2 legacy. you need to use your browser to translate it to either English or Spanish and you can browse, if you need to search you need to translate it to Russian and paste it into the search bar

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Dwarves may find this list of "essential" recipes useful. It is recommended that you have the level 1 recipes registered, even if you are leveling a Bounty Hunter, because it can help with inventory management, and free up your Warsmith’s book for more important recipes. Goblin Lookout is near Dark Elf Village, Goblin Scout is near Talking Island Village, Kaboo Orcs are near Elven Village, Rakeclaw Imp Hunter is near Orc Village, Garum Werewolf/Utuku Orc Archer is near Dwarven Village.
Level 1 Recipe: Cokes ( DROP = Kaboo Orc, 8 / SPOIL = Rakeclaw Imp Hunter, 7 )
Level 1 Recipe: Coarse Bone Powder ( DROP = Garum Werewolf, 9 / SPOIL = Utuku Orc Archer, 8 )
Level 1 Recipe: Durable Braid ( DROP = Goblin Scout, 8 / SPOIL = Goblin Scout, 8 )
Level 1 Recipe: Leather ( DROP = Goblin Lookout, 8 / SPOIL = Kaboo Orc, 8 )
Level 1 Recipe: Steel ( DROP = Rakeclaw Imp Hunter, 7 / SPOIL = Garum Werewolf, 9 / Goblin Lookout, 8 )
For the Level 2 recipes, you will have an easier time with some of the drop locations, because the risk of out-leveling the mob before you get the drop is much lower than for the Level 1 recipes. Cord, High-grade Suede and Synthetic Braid recipes drop near the Kameal Village; these recipes can easily be found by auto-hunting for drops in the starting area.
Level 2 Recipe: Cord ( DROP = Mountain Werewolf, 16 / SPOIL = Langk Lizardman Warrior, 17 )
Level 2 Recipe: High-grade Suede ( DROP = Muertos Warrior, 17 )
Level 2 Recipe: Synthetic Braid ( DROP = Muertos Captain, 18 / SPOIL = Scarlet Salamander, 17 )
Level 2 Recipe: Silver Mold ( DROP = Lirein Elder, 19 / SPOIL = Scavenger Bat, 18 )
Level 2 Recipe: Varnish of Purity ( DROP = Stink Zombie, 19 / SPOIL = Lirein Elder, 19 )
Level 2 Recipe: Steel Mold ( DROP = Whinstone Golem, 14 / SPOIL = Stink Zombie, 19 )
Level 2 Recipe: Synthetic Cokes ( DROP = Gora Werewolf, 16 / SPOIL = Whinstone Golem, 14 )
Level 4 recipes are where it gets difficult. Some of these are the hardest items to get in game because there is a real chance of out-leveling them before you get the item. Recipe: Reinforced Metal Plate can only be spoiled from one mob near  the orc starter village, and there are only six of them in game (four in immortal plateau, southern region, and two more a bit north, under the bridge). The problem with this mob is that the re-spawn time is three times longer than normal mobs, because Ragna Orc Prefect used to be a quest mob. They added drops to it when they revamped the drops in Cruma. Recipe: Metal Hardener is problematic because it is drop-only, from a mob that may take a party to efficiently kill, which are spaced few and far between. Recipe: Metallic Thread only drops from one mob in the game, and the Elder Tyrants are few and far between, in the vicinity of the “Contrapposto Man” statue, and another group just west of the “Skeleton Mercenary Island” (aka right on top of the “W” in Wasteland). While you are in this region, take the opportunity to spoil the Tyrants for Recipe: Artisan's frame. Note that Metallic Fiber is NOT the same thing as Metallic Thread.
Level 4 Recipe: Artisan's frame ( DROP = Leto Lizardman Warrior, 38 / SPOIL = Tyrant, 35 )
Level 4 Recipe: Blacksmith' frame ( SPOIL = Marsh Stakato Soldier, 33 )
Level 4 Recipe: Crafted Leather ( DROP = Leto Lizardman Soldier, 37 / SPOIL = Dire Wyrm, 42 )
Level 4 Recipe: Metal Hardener ( DROP = Lord of the Plains, 40)
Level 4 Recipe: Metallic Fiber ( DROP = Elder Tyrant, 36 / SPOIL = Ant Warrior Captain, 36 )
Level 4 Recipe: Metallic Thread ( DROP = Elder Tyrant, 36 )
Level 4 Recipe: Mithril Alloy ( DROP = Breka Orc Prefect, 35 )
Level 4 Recipe: Oriharukon ( SPOIL = Manashen Gargoyle, 40 )
Level 4 Recipe: Reinforced Metal Plate ( SPOIL = Ragna Orc Prefect, 40 )

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