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Future correction and improvements

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Hi this is a list of some issue in game that need to be done as next move of NCsoft for our version. Is not completed and can be upgraded. @Hermes  

I. Technical part of game: First of all need to repair every daily coming crashes after port to Deathrone, ToI, after switch characters or any other reason include lagging servers. Also repair texture bugs on deathrone central or stacking toons in texture, walls after port to time-zone lobbys (Museum and Crystal prison.). Repair launcher issue as well.

II. Deathrone: We need historic tome as drop from every mobs in water and fire area as before and as rewards from flowers. We need is in hundreds. Also increase rates of memory fragments and aegis armor fragments as reward from Soul-imbuded flowers or make new quests rewarding it in all areas. Moreover, Fire Part skill and using  Holy fire should be 100% success and not 80%. Its most slowest part.

III. Real server: Rewards inside Venusta, Aden, Crysis boxes must be more rewarding, Still can be better.  Enchant, compound success rate must be increased, save/stable enchants must be more often and more accessible.  Augment boxes must give all kind of augment stones equal. Reduce many useless agument options, 50-150 options in some cases are tooo many. Lack of Top augments stones is also bad. Ether limitation per day must end and be infinite. 

Increase access rapidly to artifact fragments, splendor fragments, god jewelry materials, claws, DW fragments, silenite, crystal of dawn, crystal of determination and protection, soul crystal lvl 11 and special crystals, greater rune stones. 

Introduce back Fraction system with rewarding quests.

Why you deleting dragons, we have 6 dragons possible.

Gracia continent is left behind, should be rewamp. Flying and making quest will be nice.

Dimensional warp should be upgraded and more rewarded as daily instance. 

Homuncullus: Success rate of TOP bleep must be increased, now is near imposible. This is basic part of game.

Bring back appearance stones for weapons

Bring Fishing competition relative to agathions enchants, brooche upgrade, top agathionts, dragon agathion

and more

Many of these advises are easy to achieve only need to want do something for players. 


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