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  1. Live Server Maintenance: Thursday, July 9, 2020

    as Tank 109 (on Vanguard) PVE I do 20 ragments + reward box D with 20 fragments.
  2. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 17, 2020

    as Draecke described well. Its possible and therefore we must talking about it to be in touche with DEV team. Without needs nothing will changed!!!!

    + exaltec quest condition to have certain lvl on dual and main to proceed
  4. seed bracelet upgrade option

    wait till next big update. In Korea this option was activated this year.
  5. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 17, 2020

    we are still waiting for dual to be main switch support
  6. Pet Disappearing

    and also dont forgett feeding your pets with food
  7. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    @Juji why Crystal of Dawn so expensive? Last promo 160 Nccoins and now 400? And many more and more expensive?
  8. Homunculus info

    as most of thinks in game, that have too many looting options, also homuculous breed is based on low probability. We have in every breed 15 kinds of homunculous. Formula is probably based on calculation first looting basic kind (5 in total) and after formula looting with chance if homounculous will be general, water or luminious. So simple combinatory maths says 5! (5 factorial) and after additional 3!. And of course we not see if NCsoft introduce for some basic loot additional more or less probability as for general vs luminious. So we can discuss that we need only time and resources. This is true. But this looting chance to get 1 exact homunculous moreover luminius will be tricky because everything is unpredictable luck constalation of STARS. Someone get luminious (exact that want) after 5-10 try and someone can try forever. I am no crying, after 18 breed still no water or luminious Palo/Tanga, i will try and try. But things that need spend a lot of time and resources in dying game, soon or later go to ashes and people became frustrating. And answers that will saying that general is enought or so are pointless because all will want better things not basic. This is role of MMO games, to make progress. Lineage 2 is saddenly no MMO no RPG in basic anymore.
  9. Why don't pk drop?

    Now punisment for have PK points and karma should be: reduction of drop from mobs, adena, XP, SP lower and lower with every point. 1st point 70% reduction or more. NAd karma time 5x longer as it now.
  10. impossible to obtain rune stone new player

    its Korean design but: 1st we have books to learn skill 2nd they deleted books and only SP was needed 3th they introduce rune stones to some skills. But why we need rune stones every time we want learn higher level of skill? Not only we learn skill for the first time? And still prices are insane and increasing gap between people who can and cannot farm it @Juji.
  11. Homunculus info

    After 14 days statistic on tank/tyrr: 8x churing (1x luminius, 2x water, 5x general)!!! 2x palo (general) 1x tanga (general) 2x ari (2x water) Will be looooong way.
  12. 7 Day Vit Maintainer

    today morning this pack not in L2store. Was only 24h promo? @Juji
  13. Its time to get it free or in low price. In game due your no drop policy is no-dropable. In event was in low chances. To learn this skill after 16 years is time to free it to all population. Thx
  14. Reddish/Purplish Boxes

    yes we red patch notes. @Juji can explain? Thx
  15. Yes this point have sense. Only patch notes should be more specific. The sentence as it is seems like that If mentor is on oly then clan quest count will increase same like mentee graduade. Will be nice but i agree with you.