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    on lvl 104 you have these options: 1. new time zone Abandoned mine (99-105lvl)- in there you can do 800mobs quest for clan reputation and also exaltec mobs quest 2. fraction daily quest are now deleted and come back when Faction system will be rebuild 3. i think NCsoft deleted all quest exept promotion Q or leveling Q on low levels. High lvl gameplay lost almost all MMORPG parts.
  2. @Juji Where to find 3th SA stone for hundrets people that have new exaltec weapon and want put SA? Present source is for years to even obtain 1 fragment from Taverna.
  3. Leviatan shield

    Why @Juji we have not option to upgrade blessed R99 shield to R110? Is not a big deal to implement it.
  4. L2 Store Promo: AGATHION CHARMS

    heh we ontained plenty of enchants and good chance for starlight jar but why @Juji we have difficulte to obtain evolve stones?
  5. Hi @Juji depend of description: There is a chance to obtain Dark/Bloody weapon/armor enhancement stones, or R99 weapons/armor from Aden Treasure Chests. Please can we get drop list of this treasure and chances to drop something? Now 200 chests opened and only 70k adena and 1x gemstone R(100pc) and 1x gemstone R(1pc). Is a joke?
  6. Baium Soul Ring Special Ability

    from where we take Silenite material?
  7. ooo Nice Red Libra prices, bilions adena that evaporate to air. As always friendly assets is gone and we must pay insane prices. We spend bilions to upgrade and other bilions to exchange it. Sad
  8. Rune Stones

    also problem is that if i learn skill first time with rune stones, why same skill if learn new level need same rune stones. Non-logic issue as well
  9. craft material

    Crafting System Crafting system has been revamped. All recipes and recipe items will be removed from characters with the update. Recipes registered to each character have been removed, and a refund has been issued in Adena. It means that all non learned recipes and all crafting material will be removed from inventory/warehaus? @Juji
  10. we got all we deserve Dont be pathetic, we teach NC that money=fun, so not is free.
  11. Happy Holidays from us to you

    Merry Christmas, and i wish us that you find back right way to enjoy our path trought L2 world This year was full of changes leading this game to desperate hell In new year please try surprise us in better way
  12. Huge lag

    Dev team must do better job to fix problem whitch are permanent in game from new launcher coming and lates updates. Lags and freezing are every day, with events only more offten. And with bad constalation like now is almost unplayeble. And to be sure lost packets are minimal problem in these issues.
  13. 2 of 3 clients disconnect

    for sure is launcher issue. Now i freeze in 1 account with launcher active. I thought it is as usuall but after i force window crash i see error message: Cannot login to update server that was hidde under launcher window. Launcher was also freezed. So not tell us @Juji that is internet packet loss as we have support answers. I have freezing issues every days saddenly and i playing 3 years with same internet provider and novadays will never be so bad and have so many crashes. And always crash only account with active launcher.
  14. 2 of 3 clients disconnect

    same. WTFAst is ON. I try also 1 client 1 window and DC too.
  15. 2 of 3 clients disconnect

    dc again and again after maintenance