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  1. aa again time to make this issue live again I have not hope that some in NC is wise and make such simple upgrade to finally change this main-dual swap nonsense
  2. I wrote it every year. All unique, not tradable items should be destructible.
  3. Everytime will be 2 groups: 1 that are good and 2nd that not. Noone from NC discuss with comunity what will be better. They chosed and excluded half population of Naia from Deathrone etc. 2nd half playing on VPN is happy. I am from EU and I am exluded and I hate it.
  4. Hi you all make a good points to this topic. But back to support vs dd chars. If we compare middle equiped support chars vs same dd chars the simple results is that support make far less dmg as dd. This is fact. So question is why NCsoft not help support in events when all is count of dmg and how many mobs we kill. Is a frustrated that we are pushed to go to dd to have same opportunity like dd chars. I as tank 115 i am exluded to go RIM 115 because dmg is low and is waste of time. The game need me in location for party exp but my dd dual therefore suffer of lack of time to Exp him, adena
  5. @Hime @Juji What a stupidity to promote servers only from 18 to 24h? Open field maybe. But Time zones? Reality will be that all spots will be occupied with same people that spending passes. Turn off use of pass in this period and increase time from 12-24 or better for whole 24h!!!
  6. Hi enchnting and leveling of homunculus is not a problem. Problem is to breed luminious. ALso if so many kind/sorts of homunculus exist with 3 posible stages to breed , is horrible to breed exact one in period of some months. Now 7 month left and i not see any luminious. And of course we need to burn 5 vitality points everytime i want to breed.
  7. Welcome summer party in Dragon Beast Spa! :)
  8. Hi @Hime @Juji @LIME all were said in previous posts and i must agree with most. First the NCWest or Korea must realised that majority of players in Naia are Europeans. We are for sure not USA server. Of course rich people can efford in every event you will start but i think huge amount of players are not so lucky. They can effort a little because with 1000 Euro in average is nothing if compare with thousends and thousends USD per monthy income. With 5000 USD i can sing a different song as with 1000 Euro. Neutral zone is a party zone. So the higher adena drop count with more playe
  9. HI i would like discuss some basic experience which players dealing for. Several issues were written and this topic summarise some of then to GMs @Juji @Hime @LIME. For new and low tier players very good asset is exaltec quest with all rewards. Also L2 store promo with blessed exaltec armor etc is good step. No doubt some imrovements with this part of game should be concidering. Some problems in majority of players are always these elementary parts: 1. XP and leveling 2. Gear improvement throught game progression (higher as exaltec) 3. Adena or drop items 4. PvP/P
  10. i bought greater rune for 2b, otherwise i will plan not to buy. I tested in rafinery, Ketra, SoS and same, i see only agro icon on mobs. I am 113 lvl. If there id 2nd effect armor destruction must be hidden or no icon? I dont know.
  11. @Juji many player and many items experiencing AH issue when purchase failed. Please look on it
  12. @Juji many player have issue with buying or selling in AH. I try buy codex and all time : Item purchase has failed. Look on it please.
  13. 1. Slovakia 2. no 3. After migration in first day meele lags were gone. When you brought servers down to "optimize" the meele lags are back. 4. Slow targeting and switching, slow attack in comparison to Wednesday after the migration. Badly playable
  14. lol, server planed maintenance is always annoucmented on forum and also in game when 30 min countdown start and link message every 10 min, last 5 min etc. So focus on game and not spread trash, newbie.
  15. now prices drop so i bought and learn new provoke aura. I watch mobs and for 30 min I not see any debuff on mobs
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