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  1. Best Cloak For Oly?

    for tanks on oly everything PVP is needed and after that also you realised that is not enought PVP defense or damage, UDs are pathetic, debuffs mostly not land on better geared. Ferios skills help a little and only with low and mid gear players. But if you think that only PVP cloak helps you without others PVP items, you are wrong
  2. Dragon Shirt

    Hi, in Korea now all were changed, Both circlet and dragon shirts upgrade stones exchange is due Crystal of Dawns. In our version only bracelet is due these crystals and circlets stones need enchants. In fact that we first and sencond time get all as L2store promo or events is questionable when we get this and in how form. Moreover, enchant succes rate is low and make +5 on 2nd or 3ths stage is insane expensive. And also we have not in game source of Crystal of Dawns
  3. Superior provoke aura

    I playing tank 7 years but spending 20 bilions +- for skill is riddiculous. Whole RUNE STONES mechaniks is riddiculous and must be deleted. For me is now fancy thing.
  4. agreee, is terrible mechanics now
  5. this and more. It will helps if all non-tradable items could be destroyed in trash. @Juji
  6. Main Change option "RED LIBRA"

    we are exciting what kind of options you have
  7. Hi, thanks NC to have opportunity to make feedback on update or game system. As i red all replies I must agree with everything. New updates in EU/US are far behind level and gear players base. We cannot be compared with Korea in same point. As I written many times on forum EXP/SP, Adena drop, Item drop must be rise significantly. But what you do is always lowering of even deleting every oportunity to drop enought adena or items to have proper gear on every players levels. But NCSoft you miss something beside lowering adena or item collection, you miss lowering or deleting FEES of in-game content as fees when we need buy artifacts and artifact books, or giant energy, or elcyum fees, and every fees in NPC shops and NPC context menu. These fees are same as in Korea but we have adena income nerfed and nerfed!!! Hunting Zones and Raid Bosses As people wrote, hunting zones brings for majority of server nothing good this time. I know and i red Korea patches that in Korea more location were changed as Varka, Ketra, Wall of Argos ... . In general we needs 2-3 locations for every players level range 105-107, 107-109,109-111 etc. 1 or 2 similar location with less mobs or gropus of mobs are insuficient. EXP in location must encouraged farming and not demotivating. We need more support for party exping with maximum EXP whent party is full (or 5+) with additional bonuses on EXP when party have tank, ISS, heal included (as aura or solidarity system). And of cours with decent adena and item drops (is riddiculous to open Aden treasure and for 90% we see meaningless adena amount. Raid bosses are out of majority of players in both servers. We need rewamp whole raid boss system. Raid bosses must be killable with some effort. We need back some as Raid boss book where killed boss will be marked and after then reward can be obtained. Killed boss will have time couldown maybe 3-7 days to been possible to kill it again with same account. Respawn of bosses will be 24 hrs. Augment System Good move but: 1. chance to loot some better augument is low and need hundrets of stones to make it. Recipe craft of stones therefore should be 100% success or remain only augumets that give % increase of some stats. With minimal adena drop or items drop to be sold is also difficult to pay milions adena for giant energy or gemstone R to craft stones and to put augment. Augmented items must be tradable!!! When cloaks after augmet could be sold why other gear not??? We must do expensive effort and after we must deleting augment because we can trade it? Item Changes Sigil wearing if dual weapon is used is nice move but why forcing fighters (tyrrs, evis ... ) to wear sigil insted of shield? For mages ok but fighters should wear shield. With shield enchanted R110 bonuses to P atak, defs is more suitable for fighters. Sigil enchanted R110 have all to M atack bonus. Enchanting succes rates must be increased for items as bracelet, shirts, circlet, artifact books and all items that have 3 stages. 1st stage +5 should be almost for free, 2nd stage should be achievable to +5 with more friendly rates and 3th stage should be harder but better as now. And with enchanting delete LUC involment in this process. Now pepole need almost 100 LUC to make something to max stage, but majority of people have maybe 65-75 LUC. And everything cost a lot of adena which we have not because of your economy nerfs. Skill Changes More skills should be improved especially tanks UDs (now are crap), agro nerfed. ANd what is needle in ass are Rune stones. Delete it completly or at least rune stones must be needed in 1st time learning of skills and not after every levels that follows. We need also rune stones in drop list of every instance bosses (helios, etina, istina, octavis, kamaloka, castilia .... ). We need also to enchants skills to +20 with significant less adena fees and also to have more opportunity to obtain/drop/buy/exchange all kind of enchanting skill books. Forgotten skills +5 and more are fancy for more thant 80% of players without adena and better fat NCcoins wallet. L2store items should be some fancy or decorative items and not mandatory items for game progress. With these items should be live easier but without these items live not end on lvl 107 with no possible progress forwards. AND we need more talk with GMs and we must see also some effort back with some serious solutions to crisis. PS: MEELE lags still exist
  8. Scroll: Enchant Blessed Artifact Book

    Yesterday I droped 4 pc on Primeval Isle.Now on PI 4 kind of enchants drops
  9. Scroll: Enchant Blessed Artifact Book

    drop on PI
  10. Isle of soul - TOI - Plunderous Nerf

    Please discuss also drop rates in instances, from Venusta chests, Aden cheasts. Is pointless open boxes and we see only 3M adena (now 1.5M). Other rewards I saw once per months, this is no motivated)
  11. Worst Update Ever - RIP Chronos Naia

    yes NCsoft take feedback from Korean players, made changes. When they take feedback from export countries? Never.
  12. Accesory Augument Stone

    Hi, this stone must be crafted. Recipe merchant in town selling recipe to common craft (2nd option)
  13. Live Server Maintenance: Thursday, July 9, 2020

    as Tank 109 (on Vanguard) PVE I do 20 ragments + reward box D with 20 fragments.
  14. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 17, 2020

    as Draecke described well. Its possible and therefore we must talking about it to be in touche with DEV team. Without needs nothing will changed!!!!