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  1. yes permanent 0.5% of this or that for plenty of items include +++ krishna weapons (+18 and more too), R110 armors +10, and plenty of enchanted items but also plenty of jewels, crystals, enchants, gems etc. Some can achieved everyone but in majority not interesting and expensive as hell for almost nothing. WE see our exported version but if will be same as in Korea that will be joke for us. We have not income of better enchanted rate items etc. If you want some preview go Youtube and find 4r4m channel from Core.
  2. Yes, this is good point to mark restored item to be publicly known that another restoration is imposibble. If i plan to try enchanting, is logic that i need item that can be restored. And in situation that i first need to buy item from AH or finding seller to ask if the item was restored before is not comfort as I look on item and see mark that item was restored. @Juji @Hime Is late when I invest adena to buy item and recognise that restoration is imposibble. Or change rules that every eligible items can be restore every 6 month or once per year repetitive but not once per life.
  3. very true We have plenty of treads after 1-2 years with plenty of described bugs, errors, bad mechanics, advices, needs, baggings, hopes to changes that will make this game againt better. Updates bring something but is not enought. Fun is missing for months and years. Every day same afk macro EXP or adena drop (most of all solo), chosen one can go some Bosses and end. No fun, no interesting quests, achievments. Events boring, kill mobs or buy items from L2. Event must be the fun besides borring day grind. @Hime @Juji in forum aor in game are plenty skilled people that play and live this b
  4. ahh thx now i see. But Question to @Juji why PVE clan is so discriminated? PVP clan have more Q to obtain Clan Supremacy Chest
  5. yes is terrible. In first cloack event a spend 250 enchant and i have cloack +3. Yes LUC increase chance a little but still is terrible
  6. 1. choose right cloak 2.Cloak Enchant Scroll Pack x75 (75 scroll +1x ancient scroll that can use on cloak +7 and more and have higher chance to success. With this scroll only can enchant ancient cloak up to +10 3. To have cloak tradable need to make it Legendary: so you need Legendary Scrolls. Legendary cloak after can enchant up to +20 by Scroll: Enchant Cloak – Legendary 4.There are also two types of Stable Cloak Enchant Scrolls: Stable Cloak Enchant Scroll and Stable Cloak Enchant Scroll – Legendary. Both types of scrolls will not decrease the Cloak's enchantment by 1 if it
  7. yes blessed weapon will be downgrade of 2
  8. @Juji Siege: Attack Successful, and Siege: Defense Successful missions missing from clan Q list
  9. Hi all i am question about restoration policy. My friend made request to ask if his weapon is eligible to restore. I have answer of GM Eri. As you can read i see one strange sentence that item which was restored will no longer be eligible to any kind of restoration in future? It is correct? Becouse restoration policy or FAQ on support page say nothing about it. I think that after 6 month i can do another restoration of same item? Thrue or false @Juji @Hime?
  10. Is a simple concept, in game we have server boost periods several times per year and non-boost periods. All the time we can buy rune, pots etc to increase EXP, vit ... . In non-boost period it could help to be not so pathetic with your 24h EXP income. In boost periods EXP rise up to heaven with all EXP things we can imagine. So be relax and invest only in boost period if want. After my 8 years experience in Naia to be sure LVL UP is not so important above 110 for regular players. We have not specific instances for 111, 112 - 115 player where level for entry is needed. And 1 ability poit per lv
  11. yes NCsoft provide us list with more as 40 items but it is only LIST. In reality 4-6 items we can collect. Its only marketing how NCsoft show us how is Lineage 2 atractive. But reality different story. Open eyes
  12. CG Korean random is more then random, is a mystery. For me: 96 LUC enchanting Rind shirt +0+5 196 enchants Radiant circlet +0+5 250 enchants
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