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    @Juji bad news but we need more precise explanation why is imposible to implement it. What are mentioned "each class exceptions" that are so difficulte to swap? We only want main class recognise by game as dual and actual dual as main class. We delete dual skills before swap and take new after, it is no problem. I dont know what is so difficult think bound on main? Please explain us. Reducing prices on boost items and more XP change nothing. As people have useless characters as spoils, summoners, tanks or ISS on main and in present as this characters are not playable, they playing duals as main char. More XP not change useless main char to playable char!! And as i replay below, separating dual without bound items change nothing too! this have reason only if no tradable, bound items move wth dual or will be posible to send by dimensional.
  2. Do not kill the support classes...

    We not disscus top 10% players. As i see on several treats we want find some solution to not kill game completly by NCsoft wrong steps. Because is wrong to play online MMO game in solo mode 2/3 of playing time. For solo game i buy nice new single games on market not play 14 years old piece. Solution are plenty, they could work not 100% but could lowered bad impact of present situation. 1. Party EXP location with increased EXP, drop, spoil, adena. More members in party more XP, spoil chance, adena, drops chances. Maxed at 7 members party. But of course we must have 3 client max. Also party with all kind of characters (tank,iss,heal, spoil/craft, meele dd, aoe dd) increased all chancies about fixed rate starting 5 different characters and above. This is not imposible to introduce. And not telling me that PC gurus can login 7 chars or have 3 PC to login much more clients as possible. Its true but more then half population in game log in max 3 now. 2. Same situation in instancies. Parties barely exist. Drop is pathetic. Solo game is good as was mentioned several times to people who havent time and want have some progress, but all must understand that solo is only add-on to casual party, cooperative, play. If everybody want to gain little EX more or more adena, you can, turn on solo mode in night, if you are in work/job. This is OK. Situation like last 1 year is beginning of the end, exept hardcore very old players and wallet players that play another game like majority of servers.

    In this moment no plan to the future to have such a service. But 1 solution could be acceptable maybe. In these days XP new char to high lvl (minimal to 106) is comfortable and with a little effort achievable in short time. So maybe to have service main-dual change, is easier to have service to transfer not-tradble items from 1 char to another on one same account. It should be not permanent feature in game or as service, but for example 1x per year trought ticket service. This avoid speculation and madness. To make new char, all lost only investment to dye, skill enchants and exaltecs Q. I think most pain going from not-tradeble events items lost on not-playeble, obsolet characters. Its my idea, but think about that @Juji
  4. Hi @Juji 3 client was and is best for server life. Fighting bots is hard job for long time. Bots were, are and will be. Makro system have been help for player that have not a lot time and can farm afk or semi-afk. L2 is online game, and all online games are cooperative games with small or biger groups composed by active players. Introducing makro system and 7 client erase cooperative part of game, even in old CP parties cooperative parts of game are reduced. 3 clients give chance to normal player find dailies parties and have some fun. Farming people will make small groups (2-3 players) what is better like novadays situation where big amount of players do all alone, on makro. I thinking lot of time about that people. Why they play online game solo? What the reason? Reason is 90% not progress, to achieve higher lvl.Why for GOD they play solo here, if todays on market exist several nice single players game, on newest engine, with good story and cheap!!! Because are bots and adena seller? Big part of it for sure yes. Therefore i vote for permanent 3 client as at old times. and PS: No offence but L2 on NCwest novadays reminds cell phone, single players, cash promo games. We play solo, authomatic, and we pay for it in all promos. So think about it and make right decision to rebuild game back to online, cooperative, RPG game for all players (all ages, genders, with or without big wallets. Thanks
  5. agree to remove. Cursed swords are only for top players entertainment. Not need in game
  6. Kaliel's Bracelet upgrade

    And you forgot mentioned succes rate of enchants. Chance for upgrade stones is also miserable.
  7. As a tank what i can do todays? Catch a fish? All is forced to solo play. System is based on 1 good dd (feoh, tyrr) with ISS and heal as support. All play macro with own toons. This game is now like very expensive singleplayer. Too many dollars/euros for miserable fun. As I see situation, i have two choices- to change to dd or quit. But if i think about change to dd i realise that this game give me only boring same instancies every day and afk macro exp. After 7 years is a sad situation. Without good profit, good drops is no self-upgrade, without upgrade of gear all new content is not achievable. NCwest can not understand that our servers are not Korea. And is sad that people responsible for our servers not listen players and do nothing for consolidation of players base.
  8. Lacks of Tanks

    What is a logic of NC to increase tank skill damage. We will have soon tanks robocops? Tanks never be DD, nor now and not in future. Its only pathetic step of NC to atract ppl to play tanks, and thinks that tanks go and exp solo? Support class never be like tyrr (no so fast and no so powerfull killer). Instead of that NC increase M. def, P. def, reuse time of support skills, bigger agro area, better sigel auras etc, and make tank usefull, they are near to kill tank proffesion.
  9. About remove Penne Rewards

    correct, Only old players with new toons to rob all left.
  10. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    People cool down. Take the different view of buff "problem". For example1 hrs is right and description is wrong (joke) Is pathetic to debate about minor error in game. Better ask NC about how they view masive lack of players in game, what they plan to atract new players and old players for come back (exept cash events), how they support ppl under 105 to be competetive for new game updates difficulty (gear, weapons, armors, items drop, adena drops, spoil.... ). What NC planning for future about game health, because now game have big tumor. Or NC find yours ball and tell us true, players deserve it. Its seems that Korea DEV team have no idea about expanded areas like NC west and current terible situation.
  11. Lacks of Tanks

    i playing tank from my start on offic. Never be easie. If have CP is OK, without CP and now with lack of players is hard to find proper pt with medial or good damage. Of course random is posible but always lottery. And good point is time you play. And proper gear with knowledge how to play tank is crutial. Now with so many dollars items and high prices i dont see other way to make upgrade of gear as to empty wallet. W/o CP to make epics for some adena is extremly hard. It is sad. I reduce after work playing time from 6 hrs to 2hrs (if i find pt). Exp is nice to lvl up but i dont see point to level up if i have no other progress.
  12. Fafurion update!

    new content is important for sure but more imporant is sustainability of game on our server. No matter if we will get new instancies, areas , boses if majority of server will be all stack in old instancies, areas etc. because of lack of everything (equip,damage, survival ...). Most of new content is only gold leaf for high spender, good equiped 15% of server players. Nothing is free here or based of game spending time and hours of gaming times. Its useless to again and again speach about it.
  13. 15 celebration or 10 celebration or 20 celebration was, is and will be same: open wallet and spend all. Exp, vit, 100% drop are only cosmetic move. For 1 aden we got same trash as usual. And circlets? or cloaks? It is same song: low enchant success rate, high NCcoins prices for pacs. This is no celebration, this is regular earn money event. And remember that with next big update half of present players not survive in game due to lack of proper equipment. So Enjoy.
  14. DC Event 2019!!

    yee and imaging comming huge lags when event RB 2x per day come and all remaining player will be on same place But seriously lags are more often and worse and worse.
  15. Agree inventory slots number vs. dual switch or quest take under 80% weight is ridiculous. Moreover why @Juji we have in game plenty of not-destructible items with not use for example events items that remains, accesories, and many others. Are not tradable, not postable to other character on same account, not sellible and for god NOT DESTRUCTIBLE. After so many years these items only take place in warehause. I know that in some cases NCsupport could delete such items but why complicated such simple procedure. And dont tell me that people are stupid and put itemst to trash accidentally