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R99 bloody +10 vs R110 bloody +8, which is better?

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On 6/6/2023 at 10:27 AM, Ekaterina_Valina said:

I'm a mage, but generally, what is generally better for PVE

+10 r99 has 10% extra pdef, but 180 less element 3x 120 vs 3x 180 per slot, R110 has better stats and element

depending on your total element defense, you can go r110 +8 , there is also the R110 sigil that you can put 3x180 element and of course you can put tersi 5 for the pdef, as a mage I would asume you do not have that much pdef so 6x tersi 5 is 7200 pdef which is way more than the 10% you get from the R99 +10, sure it may cost more but you will not be looking to upgrade any time soon.  

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