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Recurring Unannounced Game Mechanic Changes During Promotional Events – Seeking Community Insight and Resolution

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Hello fellow Lineage II players, moderators and Community Manager

I am facing an issue related to the recent "Circlet of Hero Bundle" event and am hoping for some community insight and resolution. I purchased numerous bundles during the event starting on May 30th, investing over $300 in total. However, a significant change was made to the event mechanics without any prior notice, which left me in a disadvantageous position and probably many others.

Specifically, on June 6th, additional items were added to the special craft option which utilized the Circlet of Hero Bundle. This included the valuable and limited "Venir's Talisman", which I, like many other players, would have aimed to obtain had I known about this addition in advance, but they only posted about it this week (yesterday) :  https://www.lineage2.com/en-us/news/hero-relic-power-defense.

What's more concerning is that this isn't the first instance where this has happened. In January, during the "Guardian Cloak Promotion", a similar unannounced change to the event mechanics occurred. It seems that the pattern of introducing new items into the special craft pool after players have already committed resources is becoming a recurring issue.

Upon reviewing the Lineage II User Agreement, I noticed that NCSOFT does retain a general right to make changes to their game.


"We may modify such terms at any time. If we make material changes to the Agreement, we will provide you with reasonable notice... You understand that any changes to the Agreement will not apply retroactively and will not apply to disputes arising prior to the effective date of the change."

However, when changes are made without any advance notice during an ongoing event in which players have invested time and money, it seems to infringe upon the rights and expectations of players. Moreover, this could potentially be in violation of common consumer rights laws.

Referring to NCSOFT's Terms of Use, specifically in section 4 "Rules of Conduct," NC commits to providing an enjoyable and fair environment for all players. The sudden change in-game mechanics, without prior communication, is against this commitment. It led me and potentially other players to make decisions based on incomplete and soon-to-be outdated information, which is unfair.

I have contacted the NCSOFT Support Team regarding this issue through all four possible categories: 'Item Restoration', 'Billing Support', 'Gameplay Issues', and 'Account Services'. However, the responses have been largely automated and do not address the core of the problem. They have been unable to assist me due to the random nature of the Circlet of Hero Bundles and their stated policy on restoration.

I am seeking advice from the community regarding this matter. Has anyone else experienced similar issues? Any suggestions on how to proceed? I believe this is a matter of consumer rights and fair play, and I hope that NCSOFT will address this in a manner that respects the investments players make in their game.

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond.

Kind Regards, Outlander

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