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Lineage2: A Digital World, A Real Journey


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For over a decade, I've immersed myself in the world of Lineage2. This isn't merely a game for me, but a tapestry of memories, friendships, and pivotal life moments. It's where I met significant people in my life and honed my professional path.


Yet, lately, the journey has been bittersweet. I've grappled with the toxicity of certain players who've crossed personal boundaries and the perceived apathy of the game's support team. It's disheartening when pleas for help are met with automated responses or sheer silence.

My dedication has also been challenged by the game's economic intricacies. Reflect on the in-game market dynamics involving Ncoin and L-coins. When you invest $50, you receive 4,000 Ncoins, which translates into 16,000 L-coins. These aren't mere digital tokens; they symbolize real money, time, and effort. I fondly recall times, 15 years ago, when we paid less than half of this amount for a subscription, and only our time and dedication were the requisites for character progression. Nowadays, to stay competitive and aligned with the game's evolutions, there's a need for substantial financial investment.

Beyond direct purchases, there are alternative avenues for acquiring L-coins, albeit they come with their own challenges. Players can dive into the player-to-player market, where the current rate stands at 170,000,000 Adena for 1,000 L-coins, as dictated by Blackbird's price today which puts a value in real money for Adena as well. Another option, laden with unpredictability, is to engage in crafting using the "Boss Expedition Mark". This crafting venture offers a paltry 1% chance of netting 8,000 L-coins. Sourcing this item is no small feat either. It's derived from formidable bosses like Queen Ant lv.80, Core lv.80, and Zaken lv.80, to name a few. Regrettably, these bosses are predominantly under the control of the game's elite, rendering the majority of us with meagre opportunities to amass L-coins.

Take, for instance, the September Super Doll Promotion. To secure a single "doll" — an item they proudly showcase — one needs to spend 16k L-coins, amounting to $50. But to truly engage with this feature, aiming for a level 2 doll, a player often seeks out two dolls (totalling 32k L-coins or $100). And even then, success is not guaranteed. Upgrading to a level 2 doll comes with a mere 7% success chance. That's a significant sum for many in our community, especially for South American players. And what's even more distressing is that there have been occasions where we've spent up to 5 times this amount, only to secure items that drastically depreciate in value within less than a month.

For the uninitiated, it might sound dramatic to agonize over "just a game". But for many of us, it's a chapter of our life story. Each setback doesn't just signify the loss of a virtual commodity, but a piece of our journey.

I'm now at an emotional impasse. How do I reconcile my love for this game with its recent setbacks? How do I not let the bitter overshadow the sweet? And is it too much to wish for the game's developers to truly listen?

This isn't just my solo. Many long-time players share this symphony of passion and frustration. Despite it all, my love for Lineage2 endures. I hope this message reverberates in the right corridors, reminding everyone that behind every avatar is a real person, with real emotions, seeking real solutions.

All I yearn for is to cherish this digital realm that has indelibly marked my life's chronicle.

I've outlined my concerns and shared the struggles many of us face as dedicated players of Lineage2. But it's not just about highlighting problems; it's about finding solutions and creating a better gaming experience for all. With that in mind, I'd like to put forward a few suggestions for your consideration:

  1. In-game Economic Review: Reflect on the current game's economic balance. Ensure that players feel they're gaining value for both their time and financial investments, without a perpetual need to spend.
  2. Enhanced Crafting Chances: Currently, the "loot" and crafting offer a minimal success rate. A slight increase in these odds could promote a more equitable gaming environment.
  3. Bonus Events: Launch events where players can achieve L-coins or other precious items through in-game tasks, minimizing the reliance on real-world currency.
  4. Transparent Feedback Loop: Engage the community with your planned changes and the rationale behind them. It promotes understanding and trust between the developers and players.
  5. Player Protection System: Incorporate a system where, after a specific expenditure, players are guaranteed a certain return value. This will prevent complete losses after substantial investments.
  6. Tightened Player-to-Player Economy Controls: Oversight and regulation can prevent inflation and price manipulation, preserving the game's economic balance.
  7. Boss Dynamics Reassessed: If a small group of players consistently dominates major bosses, introduce mechanics granting others a fair shot at participation and rewards.
  8. Improved Communication: Reinforce efficient communication channels between the support team and players. Personalized support, as opposed to automated responses, often goes a long way.
  9. Loyalty Recognition: Long-standing players deserve acknowledgment. Rewards, be it through bonuses, exclusive items, or special events, can be a way to show appreciation.
  10. Promotion Re-evaluation: Assess promotions like the Super Doll Promotion concerning player value. If many are investing heavily without fair returns, it may indicate necessary adjustments.
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