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TOI for othells


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Gm everyone! 

I would ask about what items and what lvl is minimum for farming toi 1 as fortune seeker. 

Im 115 FS my items are quite good but still  i need like 6-7 skills for kill 

My Gear: 

Weapon :Limited daggers +15 ( Fire lvl 8, Might lvl 7, lvl 1  vague punishment exalted soul ) Augu - P.skill crit dmg +20%

Armor : +8 PVE Bloody , +5 Radiant authority(5% imobilized dmg), Cloak of light , Ruler's authority Stage 1, +2 Dragon rind (11% skill crit dmg) , Veteran mask (1% p skill c dmg,1% p atk)

Jewelry: Valakas mind (event) , +6 fallen angel earing (P.skil crit dmg 2%) , +12 Atlas earing  ( p.skill. crit dmg 2%) , Angel ring attribute lvl 3 ( p.skill crit dmg 2%), exalted ring 

Brooch:  Broch lvl 1 - G.ruby lvl 3 , G, red cat lvl 3 , G tanzanite 1, Opal lvl 5 

Talisman: +2 top Kaliel ( p skill power 7% ) Seven sings , Longing exalted , saya exalted , talisman of protection 4, exalted talisman, venir 16

Agations : Seed bracelet stage 1( att atr 20 , 5% patk when using Leo)  Aries lvl 5 , Leo lvl 6 

Atrifacts : Top book +5 ( Damage 2%)  All artifacts are + 0 just for 6% dmg 

Homoculus: Advanced Ari lvl 5      3/3

Dye 3x STR +3

Certification skills : Attack x3 , death,  physical , attack attr ,adena , P atk boost 

Forgotten : All lvl 0 

Deathrone skills :  Source of fire lvl 3 ,  Source of live lvl 3 , Fire part lvl 2,  Fire totem lvl 2 , Fighting spirit lvl 4 

Stats : 150 str ,  76 dex ,  My p.atk with POM and dance is 220k, attack attribute is 1760

Any tips what should i change ? And what next item should i buy ? 




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A few tips:

Weapon SAs should be Fire and Death. Normal crit damage increases dagger damage. 

Your element is quite high for TOI level 1. You might be able to trade weapon elemental attack for damage elsewhere. Attack element damage for TOI 1 caps at 1530. Anymore element above that for TOI 1 does not increase your damage.

As a dagger, a level 110 POM Iss increases your damage by 56.25% just from POM alone. I recommend any dagger have an alt POM iss and gear it enough to tank for you. They can debuff and give you angels. Unless you one shot everything, angels is pretty important. They can also pull agro with AOEs so you can rear stab mobs in TOI (if your iss is strong enough).

If you're not using a mouse macro, use one. It's mandatory for TOI. With a mouse macro you can land rear stabs. Without a mouse macro it's nearly impossible. With a mouse macro, your kill speed anywhere will increase significantly.

All of your stabs should be using /useskillforce (even if you're using a mouse macro). This will stop you from doing auto attacks which increases your stabs per second. (Careful not to PK people)

Besides those, just keep upgrading gear efficiently over time. There's no shortcut to being able to do TOI 1. Just takes time to get strong enough. It doesn't feel that long ago where I couldn't do TOI 1. Now I can do TOI 8 easily. Gluck.

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