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On 10/11/2023 at 9:06 AM, Valiriam said:

I would like information about the nickname exchange service! Details of how we should place the order!

Historically, the Name Change service had a report page people could look up who this "New Name" with a bunch of Gear was... but when "RMT Toon" Bought Account  and such became common, provable insults they lost that page(after some "EXTRA  payment"?)  but surely that has nothing to do with Your inquiry.

Everyone wants to try some new Classes, but Maestro, Dominator, Ertheia Classes and newer, will likely change your Race and possibly Gender... so you might not like your name for that Race or Gender, but... in the past if you used a Name Change, the Original character's name would be blacklisted so nobody could use it again on your server(just keep the awkward name till the next new Class comes along, the name might fit better) or you could change to an Ertheia class to become Female... DK to become Male then choose another class after.

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