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Modify certain skill abilities


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Good afternoon (using google translate)


Previously, we had 6 buff melody, so NCsoft on its own modified, and joined two melody in one, ie, it was precisely the melody that increases atack speed and casting speed, before, each gave a certain percentage and merging the two, the percentage were also unified, creating an equivalent percentage. The problem is precisely this, NCsoft makes the changes and does not seek to reflect on this. Previously, before turning GOD, we had many buff, each buff had a function only, so the abilities to cancel buff from the mages and some other class, even made sense. But today, it does not make sense anymore, because, all those buff, have been redirected and turned into 6, each buff, or each skill does more than one function, that is, improves the character in various aspects. So, I see no further sense to exist buff cancel abilities, you see, Feoh is one of the direct damage class that causes one of the highest damage of the game, it's a class that has been improved with aura that absorbs 95% is a class that has FEAR, SLEEP, STUN, ability to keep the enemy suspended in the air, while Feoh hits, ability to teleport and remove target, and with this aura that absorbs 95% combined with various items that the game has been creating , and thus giving even more advantages to the class with high damage, to the detriment of class that does not damage any or low. I think it's time to remove the buff skills from the game, because today everything got squeezed, it's just 4 melody buff, and every time the Feoh, Iss and the Lancer Tyrr of the cancel, always eliminate the buff that increases atack speed and casting speed, removing these buff, the player is weakened, as the casting will also fall to invoke the...And worse, I do not see NCsoft creating items that increases defense against buff canceling abilities, the same Sigel, before this change, one of his UD gave protection, no longer exists. NCsoft needs to revise this ability, or at least weaken it, or cause it to disable the enemy buff for a few seconds, today, the amount of buff is too small, and that in the Olympics counts for a lot.

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