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Clan TeamRed is Recruiting!


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Clan TeamRed is looking for new members for the upcoming NA classic. 

  • Relax online (real life first)
  • Core players from Classic club and Skelth.
  • Focus on non-static parties i.e solo players making parties
  • PVP oriented
  • Main online during nights + weekends
  • Support players are loved and helped
  • Heavy focus on team work (part of the ship mentality)


Every class is welcomed. Supports are double welcomed. PM me on forum, discord(NewbieGummi#4303) or leave a message in this thread.


Update: due to an influx of new applicants, posting the direct clan discord link:

TeamRed discord: https://discord.gg/fRRQ5Tn

Feel free to drop by to discuss your class and play time.


Update 2: Our core player's stream, WL : https://www.twitch.tv/hdlavitz


Update 3: The clan will be playing on Talking Island.


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Hey! I eff'ing love PvP, so this clan sounds amazing! I used to play this game when I was like 13-16 years old (over a decade ago). I was a level 79 adventurer with an ES and Heirophant. My younger brother and I played this game everyday! We are excited to come back and play. We are looking for a clan, however, I am not sure how active I will be. I want to try to play everyday, but I am currently in Law School-- which is extraordinarily time consuming. I love PvP and I even made a few "YouTube videos" of my PvP from back in the day. . . I was young when I made them, so they're quite dreadful lol
My younger brother, 25-years-old, will be a monk with a warcryer buffer.
I will be a Sorc with an EE.
My friend is joining too, but he only played private servers.
My older brother is join too, but he is new to the MMORPG; he has only played the Lineage 2 app, but he puts a lot of time into it.

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